Will there be more sex if you sleep naked??

Mer sex om man sover naken?When it’s time to fold so one can either put on some sexy lingerie to make it a hot night, or choosing mys-pajamas which was not at all sexy. But there is another option beyond sexy lace or cat pajamas – and it is to sleep completely naked.

And where it would be more appropriate to take off all his clothes than in bed? Without any underwear, the body can spread out and relax. And besides, all naked sleepers a clearly important plus points: skin contact. As soon as we get to know each other the first time a funny feeling on the skin when we touch each other. Why not enjoy the partner’s intimacy and warmth – this enhances the relationship and makes us happy.
We all know all that there will be more sex when we sleep naked, the sensual atmosphere is built up faster because there is no distracting fabric in the way. Body heat and the effluent (fortune) hormones can spread more easily and the bed becomes a kind of erotic cocoon. And it does not matter if it’s sexy sweaty bodies a summer or warm cozy during the winter, sleeping naked is like an erotic foreplay. It slowly approaching each other and there is a nice tingling – the knowledge that you have partner NAKED body beside him for that one faster and more frequently in mood. And that increases the body’s own feel, sleeping naked gives a sense of freedom and is also incredibly sexy.
So, off with the clothes and snuggle up on like crazy. It also becomes more frequent sex. But sexy lingerie before, as they slowly take off, it may of course also be used. 😉
And now I would also like to know how you sleep?

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