Where is it best to have sex at home?

Where in your home do you have the most sex ? Yes, in bed ! Though there are several other options that are worth mentioning.

What if he wakes up in the morning with his legendary morning stalls and she is in the shower. Then , quickly into the shower with you, guys ! He presses you against the wall , lifting you up slowly , she keeps on his hips with his legs and … now it started … But caution! It is the right content in the shower or tub !

Or he comes home one evening. She bends down to take out the dirty sports clothes from the washing machine and when he sees her butt is done for. Kick off ! Put her on the washing machine and turn it on – preferably with dirty laundry in , it is environmentally friendly. Her ass should be on the washing machine edge and the man stands directly in front of the machine. She spreads her legs and keeps them around him , now the vibrating washing machine sex begin. It’s great if you’re done before the machine starts to spin – this is recommended for the more advanced among you. 😉

In the morning at breakfast or in the evening at supper – you meet at the table and there is still room left on the table? Now, no time lost, lifting her up , put her back on the table. Pull down her bottom edge of the table , taking up her legs on your shoulders , hold her in the butt and now you can see how it’s done. Or for those who do not want it as a hassle, bordssex a la ‘ doggy style : She lies with the upper body on the table and now you can pamper her from behind.

Who does not know that? Up in fotöljen and does not take that long before you are in dreamland. Even here there is a very nice sexställning that it pays to try . She sits astride him, support your knees to your armpits. He could see her eyes – now that he has woken up 😉 – have both hands free and can do what he wants …

And now when I think of how many opportunities there are in the staircase – stairs , lift , stair railing … Every place has a certain sexkick . But beware – we do not want anyone to have a problem with a ” disorderly conduct ” !

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