When is the perfect time for SEX ?

Lust med sexI had a girlfriend over last night at home and it was not long until we started talking about sex. Finally came the question: When is actually the correct time for sex? Now, do we not know if you should have sex at a first date or not , but here we’re talking about when during the day it is best to have sex …

Julia who is with her boyfriend since 3 years think that there is nothing better than sex in the morning , Sarah (married since 1 year) also thinks that “the morning hour has gold in the mouth” . The two girls do not feel that their partner has a lot of ” give ” in the evening. My friend Anna who is married since 2 years have not yet found the proper time.

Of course , I started to do some research into this and see what I found – a lot of pages on this topic.
They talk about six in the morning to be the most ” optimal” . Hormone concentration in the blood is considerably higher . My friend Anna said , however, that she did not have time for sex in the morning but you can make a little easier for themselves and have sex in the shower ! 😉 At lunchtime so the body is set to rest and food, and then sexual aktivieter may not be appropriate – this would probably only fit with just hugging each other . Towards evening so will apparently smell and taste to be a little more sensitive ( ie take a shower after work ;-)) – the senses are in top form and stimulationerna may increase further with a good dinner. The calories you training then easily removed in the bedroom. 😉 You know that sex makes you relax and then to go to sleep comfortable.

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