What is the squeeze method

Symbolfoto - squeeze-metodenThis particular method is used during sexual intercourse to prevent the guy comes too early. In this way, the Act extended considerably. However, the method requires the squeeze some patience. 🙂 What is this for a method? Well, ejaculation reflex disturbed by a soft pressing and ejaculation prevented respectively. delayed.

Step 1: To make it as easy for you as possible so should the guy lying on your back and spread your legs. The partner kneels with her ​​legs spread over one of his thighs, or kneels next to him so that she successfully reaches his penis and so she can see him. Now she begins to caress and massage the limb (preferably with a little lube) so that it becomes erect. The guy should relax as much as possible and enjoy the massage penis until he almost comes. When he feels that “it’s on the wayso he gives her a agree upon mark and now use the squeeze method. She then pinches together his penis in 4-6 seconds. She puts her thumb on the bottom of the glans, and two additional fingers (ring and the middle finger) above and below where the glans is separated from the shaft of the penis. The index finger is placed on the glans of the page. If the pressure becomes too strong or painful, you can obviously shorten the time [it is always better if it’s soft and not too hard! We do not want his best friend gets hurt!] So that the effect can still be achieved, you have to then push a little further, about 8-15 seconds. The penis becomes slack again and the erection disappears but the guy ejaculates. These “dry exercisescan be repeated as often as both have the desire. One should at least have tried it three to four times to go ahead with step 2.

At step 2, you start as in the previous exercise. The small but significant difference is that after the use of the squeeze method turns to him and insert the floppy limb in her vagina. The guy is still passive on the back and then begins to slowly move up and down. The penis will thus become erect again. Shortly before he comes so pulled the penis out again and she prevents him from going with his hands.
Although this exercise should be repeated several times. When using the “sit” and everything is working as it should so the girl should get a feeling when it’s time to use the squeeze method, and repeat it without his character.
First time you should test the method in the specified position, but since then you can of course also try other positions. However, it is important that the girl respectively. the active partner takes over the press making. In the longer term, so you should probably notice that the guy does not come too soon unless it’s just to practice on.

As I’ve mentioned so requires the squeeze method, some practice and patience. But do not give up! I wish you anyway great success! 😀

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