What does a tea bag has to do with sex?

sex positionBoy, it’s not easy to keep up in terms of all the new sexual techniques. So that you know what it is about when a guy asks if you want to make “tea bag” so here’s a little explanation of this sex position

You do not start the kettle and you can actually leave the kitchen completely – if you do not now want to get there, of course, it’s up to you. 😉
It is not about herbal or fruit teas, but more about his “precious parts”. What we previously called lick balls called nowadays teabag – and personally I feel that it sounds a little nicer.

To try this so suitable a little facesitting or the popular sex position 69 very well. The guy’s balls must in all cases be near the girl’s mouth, it is in any case clear. Imagine a tea bag in a mug drawn back and forth in the hot water, dipped up and down and pinched a little and the good, hot drink is ready. Same thing you do with your scrotum (not in hot water!). He lets scrotum circulate over the girl’s mouth. She uses her tongue and lips to suck, lick, stimulate the scrotum in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it disappears even into the mouth, like a real tea bag in the cup. He will love to be massaged by your tongue …

And forgive me if you have some time to come will always get other pictures in your head as soon as you see a (quite common) tea bag. 😀

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