Top 13 of things that you should avoid anything in bed!

Because I like lists, so I’ve made a small list of things you should not do in bed: These are real erotica killer. Enjoy! 🙂

First) to keep the sexual desires for himself: How can one then find out what you like?

Second) Socks in bed: A, I must not say anything. The worst is probably the white tubsockorna – and the rest is naked – ugh!

3rd) Mention exet: Sentences like “Camilla was always so” you certainly do not hear. There is in any case the erotic thermometer down to well below zero.

4.) Uncleanliness: You want the that your partner smells good and is clean and well-groomed, right? Well, then it’s not too much to ask to have you with that too. A little tip for you can feel free to bring a little care as foreplay. I simply say: Bath oil, bath salts, shower gel & bubble bath.

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