Sports activities without clothes

Working out makes you well mostly to stay in shape, to strengthen the body and to get fitter. And sooner or later you start to sweat. It’s also what‘s the point. But now do not like to walk around in sweaty clothes should find a new thing how would it be to train without clothes? Nude Sport must not just be something for all naturists among us. : D


For anyone interested, I now have a small overview of sports that one more or less good – can exercise naked:

Whoever thought this relaxing sport was just a short trend, it was so wrong so! For some, Yoga is an incredibly important part of the day. The quiet movements Peppas up even more if they practiced naked and it looks the incredibly good! At naked yoga stimulates all the senses! How this could be like showing you the video with the sexy model Luba Shumeyko. She allowed themselves to be photographed by her husband, erotic photographer Petter Hegre.

It takes two scantily clad girls or guys, a lacquer sheets or an inflatable paddling pool, a little mud or oil and get going! Now it’s not important really muscular power, it is rather an easy kivande and it is not only interesting for the spectators. This wrestling version is called logically enough erotic-wrestling.

To kick the ball without clothes can be really fun. The girl let their own balls swing, just as mother nature has created her (or uncle doctor;-)). And for the gentlemen that is certainly a special charm to run a free kick naked, right? You can certainly find a remote place for naked football otherwise so test it on the nude beach.

Something that is not that difficult and can be practiced along with many naked hike. Even with a group hiking is possible so that God created us.” Anyone who likes more tempo should attempt the nude running or jogging naked as in the video below.

Winter sports luge / snowboarding / skiing:
Nude in the snow? Can it really be a good idea? Jajemen! In Germany there is an “Internationally nude lugewhich is incredible popular. But yes, it is good to also ski and snowboard when you are naked. Look here!

(Inline) skating:
Nude Skating suited warmer days when you can take the opportunity to get a cool breeze from the wind. Even if you are completely naked, then you should not forget the knee pads

Nude surfing, naked cyclists, nude golfing, riding naked. Is darts and chess also a sport anyway? 😉 This list of different sports can be infinitely long, all that one can do with clothes, one can also do without. The only thing that might be a little difficult is to find the right environment to their naked activities! Fortunately, there is the mattress gymnastics! 😉

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