Sexy lingerie for guys?

Sexiga underkläder för killar - gilla eller dissa?Sexy lingerie for guys like or diss?

When the girls present themselves in sexy lingerie, then pulled the boys’ imagination running properly. But on the contrary, what is it then? Do girls when men show up in sexy underwear etc? And really want men wearing more daring underwear?

We now seem to go away from fine cotton and more and more guys starting to wear a bit rarer underwear. And then backs not even return for materials such as lace. And that’s ok! Just like a pink shirt, even a pair of pants lace emphasize the masculinity of the person who wears them. Eye catching is what happens when man dares to wear underwear with transparent inserts – they show the naked skin.

Or do you like when it’s classic and simple? Therefore, I have the following question to you: What do you think of sexy lingerie for men, for example. with lace, transparent or translucent underwear?……

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