Sex New Year’s resolutions for 2014

The year has reach its end – it’s the perfect time of day for an erotic flashback . The German infidelity site FirstAffair has conducted a survey among its members and the shows three erotic trends in 2013 – they are now are real or rather fantasies we do not know but we have taken a look at the survey results and have developed three six New Year’s resolutions that may sounds simple , but has a big impact and that will make 2014 an incredibly erotic and sexy year.
Sex-nyårslöften för 2014
Six New Year’s resolutions for 2014

Top of the wish list is apparently a threesome – guys dream about two sexbomber in bed and girl dreams of being pampered by two handsome guys at the same time . And why not – to be at the center is always flattering and it ‘s a triple desire. 😉 Our first New Year’s resolution reads thus : Daring to something new. Here you’ll find some erotic love tips for couples.

2013 has apparently been a year you can happily have played 81% of the surveyed girls and 70 % of respondents guys said they love to use sex toys in bed . In addition to the “normal” sex toys as it has now for this trend developed special sextoys for couples. For example: ” G- Spoon “, ” Intimate Spreader Vibrating ‘or’ We- Vibes ” . The relationship becomes more stable and you get a new kick in the bedroom. Our second six – New Year’s resolution reads thus : Try a little sex toys for couples.

Site members on FirstAffair dream most about living out secret erotic fantasies – and that’s pretty normal for an infidelity website. For it is that so many couples do not talk enough with each other , neither of problems or when dealing with sexual desires or fantasies. And intense conversations that are so important to strengthen the relationship and to have a good life together . Our third six – New Year’s resolution is : Tell us about and live out your fantasies.

This list is just the beginning for 2014, and one can write where both the one and the other. But one thing is certain: When it comes to erotic New Year’s resolutions , then it should of course be no problem to keep them 😉

We wish you a Happy and erotic new year!

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