Sex Myths – No.1: Guys fall asleep after sex because they have lost interest in us

Somnat efter sexet?It ‘s the weekend , you’ve had a romantic evening and are now disappearing into the bedroom to finally have cool, relaxed sex. But as soon as he has come , he will become sleepy and just a few minutes later you hear his snoring instead of tender words of love …

Those who think that the situation is acquainted can believe that the partner is just an effort to get what he wants and he goes to sleep right away because he does not want you.

That this is incorrect , however, serious studies have shown: Shortly after an orgasm secreted a large amount of the sleep hormone Serotin the man – about ten times more than the woman. He therefore placed almost in an anesthesia-like conditions . 😉 Ok , so dangerous , it is not , but you should at least know that men are not responsible for whether he would prefer to sleep after sex . It has nothing to do with his interest in you , but , often , only with his hormones.

Here, then, my tip : Let him sleep for a while and wake him up later if you still have the desire . For after a little nap , he has certainly the more energy . 😀

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