Practical sex tips – Giving her oral sex

Not only do men think that oral sex is one of the sweetest ways to have sex . While most women think about oral ( also called cunnilingus ) than they would like to admit. But to oral sex should be a pleasurable experience for both and not an embarrassing or frustrating event you have to avoid certain things or to do some others. I ‘ll try to help you a bit on the way I thought.

One thing that can get in the way of casual oral sex is girl’s fear that her partner may think that her nakedness is ugly or smells strange. One way to feel more secure , it is entirely to keep a good hygiene. Simply wash with clean water to remove about 80 % of all bacteria and odor . If you also use a mild soap and intimate take a thorough shower can you really be sure that nothing smells .

There are not many men who think that a vagina is not attractive , the opposite! Just the sight of a vagina and the natural smell like many men are insanely exciting. And , now I’m talking to the gentlemen – if you tell your partner how much you think of her sex, how sleek and sexy you think her vagina is , it will help a lot on the road to successful oral sex experiences !

If you guys are feeling a little hesitant to pop down with your head between your thighs to your loved ones , this is not particularly surprising either. In terms of getting to know the where foreign body part first ! A good way is to discover it gently with your hand, it feels even more comfortable for the girl. So you need not feel that you need to give it all at once , but then head on a voyage of discovery together. And if you have questions about hygiene: A washed sex smells as good as nothing . And the vagina’s natural ph makes it very clean and germ free .

But now to the tips that can help you to give your partner some pleasurable moments. Centre of the female desire is undoubtedly the clitoris. Sometimes it is not easy to find the hiding in a fold of skin between the labia , so that the glans is hiding under the foreskin. But if you are with your hand pull the skin up a little , you will easily detect the small fancy button and can stroke it .

Many women , however, is very fragile right on the clitoris and a direct stimulation can be almost painful. Often, just licking or pulling small circles around the clitoris incredibly exciting for her. Although the inner labia and the entrance is often very sensitive . So if you sometimes take a little detour down she’ll appreciate it and her desire to grow.

Good also if you switch from slow to fast . Think about how you yourself want to have oral sex and then try to do the same with her. But remember that not all women are alike and all do not like the same stimulation. Some like large print and also directly on the clitoris. Others feel better about compassionate , long slow and indirect caresses. It is best if she simply tells you what she likes and what she does not like it when you ” hold on ” . This way, you’ll soon learn the perfect technique .

But one thing you must not forget : Clitoris often need much longer to be stimulated than a penis. So take your time and do not drop ( tolerate ) the courage , she sets course also up to you !

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