Pole Dance – it’s more than half-naked girls dancing around a pole

pole dancingPole Dancing – it’s a combination of dance, fitness, strength and a little naked skin which is certainly sexy, but it’s much more than that.

Nowadays there are some pole dance courses around the country, there are courses for beginners and for those who have stayed in a while. There are courses for bridal shower or bachelor party, and yes, there are even pole dancing to kick off the work … It would be something to see the boss stand “up and down” and try to do a few exercises on the bar 🙂
This trendy sport does not require much space, no special outfit, just his own power to push against the rod, that is yrselfri for all positions in upside down positions and the ability to do the rotations around the pole. Though this is of course that train. Do you want to show this acrobatic sport back home, you find dance bars and the like here.

And this is, as I have something just for girls. It makes me think of Doug (Kevin James) from the TV series “The King of Queens”;-) Doug shows his wife Carrie (Leah Remini) how to show a pair of sexy dance moves on the pole, and this despite the fact that he has little stomach …

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