Orgasm tips for her & him

Sometimes it tingles just a little and we think, “Oh,was that all ?!” and some times we just want to shout out, “Hallelujah!” The orgasm, the beautiful ending to intercourse!
But how can we really be sure that there will be more Hallelujah” than “Oh, was that all ?!”?
Here I have put together a couple of sexual techniques for him and her:

What she can do for him: Girls, you can massage his ass cheeks rhythmically and so to say pull them apart, by the stimulating feelings of the anus as his orgasm can be much more intense. During oral sex, but also during intercourse may scrotum caressed, massaged or pulled easily, perhaps even using nails. That it is you who is in charge of balls” makes sure that he gets twice as horny! πŸ˜‰

What he can do for her: What sexual techniques can man use to get the woman in ecstasy?
Tried and tested agents could be cunnilingus or / and to find the G-spot (a long and nice foreplay with caressing should of course not be forgotten). If he knows where her G-spot is, then he has only really find out if this item is better to stimulate with the fingers or perhaps rather with the help of a vibrator just for this purpose.

What she can do for herself: The girl can also do something for herself! Tensing your muscles may also enhance orgasm. Squeeze the buttock muscles and / or thighs just before orgasm or, if the position allows, lifting the feet. Breathing high reinforces the whole further and make your partner even more excited. πŸ™‚

What he can do for himself: Last but not least, I do wonder what the guy can do to get in ecstasy? Sure, he can fix it himself and masturbate, but he can also try something new and let you take over power. Let yourselves be tied, guys the girls will certainly at one or the other as she would like to try on you! Yes that’s right, and a little orgasm training probably can not hurt .

And another little sex tips have you ever tried to keep his ears just before he comes? By spontaneously turn off this mind, he will certainly concentrate more on the actual orgasm!

Do you have more good orgasm tips on stock? We look forward to hearing about them! πŸ™‚

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