Erotic love tips no. 7 – Light and shadow

Winter is in full swing and the snow never seems to go away again, I personally think you it is fine with snow for Christmas but now it is high time for it to go away! On the other hand, one can make it really warm and cozy at home so why do we start today with our new blog series “Erotic love tips – sexy instructions for exciting (six)-adventures with beloved.” Look forward to the sensual ideas, tips and erotic hot surprises for your sweetheart.

The preparations made ​​by her AND him so that both partners can have the joy of the erotic surprises. Of course you do as you want with who will take care of the preparations, we only give advice! 😉 And this is our first love tips:

Preparations made ​​this time by her.

For the erotic love tip number 1, so you need a chair without arms and light hoses / tubes (NOTE: choose lighting that is not too hot).
Adjust the chair anywhere you want in the apartment – bedroom, living room, hall – but the room should be able to make really dark and it should not be too big. Wrap chair legs and back with strings of lights or light tubes so that a silhouette arise.
Take off your clothes all, turn off the lights, light the lights and chair and sit on the chair with her legs together. Now you can shout at him:
There he will then see is absolutely amazing. The dim light makes your body becomes a real adventure land thanks to light and shadow play. Litters are lit, valleys lies mysteriously in the dark full body erotic casting shadows. When you then parting a little on his legs so he will not be able to stay away from you.

You can also wait for him fully clothed and do a sexy strip in the dim light. The effect on him will be essentially the same. 😉

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