Erotic love tips no. 4 – A soothing foot massage

4Check here, guys! Here is something that you simply must know, women’s feet have thousands of nerves that pass directly at the female pleasure center on their way to the brain.
So close to the small female corpora can be stimulated sexually when your feet moving – slowly but rhythmically. 😉 How you can have this in your foreplay show our love tips no. 5th

If you want to conquer your pet’s heart and feet so you need the following things:


1 warm and moist towel
1 dry, fluffy towel
1 bowl with hot water
perfumed soap
massage oil and
1 pack of wine gums pacifiers

The sexy foot care begins only moist and warm. Take your pet’s feet and wash them, lather them gently and then rinse them. After the wrap you in her feet in a warm, moist towel (which you have kept under hot water and turned out well). Now, do you let your feet rest for a short while. Before the towel cools, dries you off her feet with the fluffy towel, each toe dries you separately.
Now it is slowly hot. Take massage oil and start to massage her feet hard on the hands. Not too much – she is supposed to relax properly!
Now you can pull over a wine gum-feeding on each toe (you can of course also take other kind of candy and tuck between the toes). Take your time and rub on. Now you can start nibbling, sucking and licking – but do not forget to rub on.
She will enjoy with your whole body and your nerves will rail at a gallop. You continue now slowly from the feet up to the thigh. And do not forget the flash process! 🙂 She begins to extend to you and want to know all the fingers on her Venus mountain. Continue as long as you can, begin it then pulsing under your belt, it’s high time …:-D

Mmmhh, a foot massage can be sooo much nice! 😀

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