Erotic love tips no. 3 – Confidence

Erotic love tips no. 4 – confidence

Confidence and physical proximity are among the most important in a working relationship. And with this, it might well be able to arrange a small erotic adventure …

He OR she organizes preparations.
For our erotic love tips no. 4 Do you need shaving foam for the intimate region and a sharp razor or a razor.
Enter shaving cream and razor / razor in a nice package, add a letter with the date and time of your date in the bathroom and give everything to the partner and tell him or her to first open the package and envelope when he / she is alone. When the time of day has arrived so you wait in the bathtub full of bubble bath. Your partner will surely have with the package contents. Enjoy the first of a communal bath and then start to shave each other veeery carefully (one after another) – those who are a little more daring, choose razor. 😉

The required concentration of the shaving and certainly requires a bit of courage of the person being shaved – enjoy the control loss and the reward is certainly a sight that lights you both!

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