Erotic love tips no. 1 – Anticipation

sex toys anticipationFor our erotic love tips will arrange HE preparations. But of course you can change if you prefer.

For this love tips do you need a new email account and a little erotic imagination.

I reveal no secret when I say that girls should have the right mood to enjoy sex. And now it’s all about expectations, because it means a lot! Get a new email account with a name that she associate with you, for example, “kiss cucumber @ hotmail …” Then you start a Monday to send an email every day of the week – in 5 days.

The first email you write that it is forbidden to talk about the mail, content when you meet – as if these emails at all, never have been sent. You can give her virtual compliments what she’s wearing – you will notice that she is day by day going to dress prettier and sexier. Then you describe what you want to do with her 6th day-dirty and detailed. The combination of anticipation and secrecy will tingle in her and she will longingly wait for your email every day. When the weekend so am come so there is no going back – if you have now been able to resist the erotic temptation so long. 😉

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