Erotic lingerie trends 2013 – Classic and game

12345For 2013, two lingerie trends, there are indeed two very different but who have things in common: for the first trend combines the noble materials of satin and lace and it becomes classic lingerie firm with provacative details that open panties or cups with slits. The second trend has slits that provide delicious views and also has great animal prints, and for this season are the colors of red and pink.

The series with the elegant name “Allegra” makes you real wild cats, the combination of leopard print in sinful red and black lace emphasizes the animal, female side.,just like in the short under dress that folds nicely around the hips.

Even the underwear from the series “Sahana” is designed in leo print. Baby Doll, petticoat combines translucent animal print with small ryschor in Black and White. In this way, the leopard print fabric a rosé-colored shimmer. The innocent babydoll with a halter-top in leo-look has a delicious secret: one shoots the fabric aside so finds itself slotted lace cups during that allows nipples appear.

Anyone who would like to combine classic and wildly choosing underwear esse rien “Jolie”. Transparent, black is flocked with a subtle tiger stripe pattern, thus allowing you the most interesting body parts only light shimmering through. The glittering rhinestone detail emphasizes décolletage. BH-four pieces Jolie has slotted cups, transparent panties and fancy rhinestone details.

Appropriate now to our we have the sensual underwear esse series “Gloria” with apricot colored satin, covered by thin, black tip. The black satin bow between the cups giving the series a touch romance. The tight under the dress Gloria accentuates the feminine silhouette with the transparent efforts on the sides. In and top-four pieces covers the bright satin only the bare essentials and perfectly complemented by transparent lace with large rank patterns. The series highlight is Babydoll in addition satin cups only consists of a super-thin lace material.

Even in underwear esse series “Lily” combined lace and satin. BM-four pieces and the dress is in shiny satin noble purple and black lace which gives a really sinful aura. When it comes to sexy lingerie, the color black is a safe bet and that includes this year. It is elegant and always a bit mysterious, like the flimsy garments in the series “Yivi” which features elegant, thin stripes or series “Luna” which enchants with an imaginative, flocked fabric.

Even when it comes to men’s underwear, there is a trend for 2013. “Leo” envelops his wildlife in trendy leo-print with a striking color combination of fresh turquoise and maroon – naturally translucent … Delicious!

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