Dirty Talk – arousing smalltalk or a turn-off babbling?

Dirty Talk “Dirty Talk” describes the talk between two people using sexy, vulgar or bodily words to increase their sexual desire.

Important is how these words are pronounced. To make it sound a bit raw and exciting it must come naturally. It takes practice and courage. A lot of inspiration can be obtained for example from different erotic audiobooks. Those who have mastered this with dirty talk can use direct words whispered directly into your ear, and it is also ok to use lighter profanity with mild aggressive voice.

The word “penis” is changed to “cock” the word “vagina” is changed to “pussy” and so on. Do you then your body in line with the voice, so can certain words have a special erotic and arousing effect. 😀 With the various ordkombinationerna so attracts you then forward the wildest fantasies of sex partner – and their own fantasies will simultaneously be acknowledged. 😉 You get a chance to say things that you would neeeeeeeever said otherwise. Though it is important not to reveal all the erotic fantasies you have … or what do you say? 😉

Now I would like to know what you think about this? Is dirty talk someone you get excited and something that enriches your sex life or not?

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