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No danger of heart attacks during intercourse!

What a beautiful way to go, indeed: to fall off the pin in the middle of a sexual intercourse – there are many who dream of dying in this way. Thus, when in any case have to die then it is surely better to do so than to die alone in bed or bloody after a car accident. In any case, if the man has sex with is not an aberration and that girlfriend you have long been involved with will be hurt the rest of her life. But wait, why, I assume that there is a man walking henceforth in the sweetest moment of them all? Well, because men in the ratio 3: 1 very often suffer a heart attack than women. And because the image of an elderly man collapses of a young naked mistress is familiar from the movies. In which movie was what I had seen this? I will not right now, maybe some of you know that? But the fact is that sex increases the risk of a heart attack?

Investigations are clearing away prejudices
Nope, nothing to worry about. The risk of suffering a myocardial infarction during intercourse is fairly small. And healthy men need not worry at all. “Blood pressure and heart rate increases during endurance sports, which is known as the most healthy form of sport,” says sexologist Kurt Seikowski. Sex instead of jogging, I like that! As for concerns about a heart attack so it is designed for those who have already suffered a heart attack. For too long there was a prejudice counseled to abstain from sex after a heart attack, not to expose themselves to additional risk.

According to a study published in the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” so does not heart attack risk sexual activities. But a prejudice remains the only live as long as nobody talks about it. And according to a study at the University of Chicago has just 12% of women and 19% of the men talked about their sexual activities with their doctor. If it even was talk they got a recommendation to take it slow and might prefer to take the passive role. And let’s be honest, how fun is it to six if you always have to concentrate on the heart rate? On the contrary, physicians should instead notify their patients to physical and even sexual activity is OK, says study author Stacey Tessler Lindau. Then disappear fear and this is more gentle to the heart.

But on the other hand, erectile dysfunction in older men may be an early warning of a future heart attack. Erection difficulties can be a sign of a heart disease.

Love for well-being
Sex is therefore good for health – thumbs up for the loss. And therefore there are also medical recommendations for positions that make intercourse easier if you have it a little harder physically. It’s maybe good but who knows me knows that I now lift the forefinger; six’re much more than a sex !!! For it is not the one that increases quality of life and makes people happy. It is the intimate contact with the people we love. It is our need for acceptance, proximity and security assuaged by this proximity. Just in older people where sexual intercourse may become more unimportant. The tenderness and my favored prelude will be much happier!

Sex Myths – Morning wood

Six Myths No.1: Morning wood


Good morning! In this first article about Sex Myths I would like to devote myself to the morning wood, or at least theoretically. 😉

Is the man mornerection, then morning wood, a sign of sexual arousal? Most guys say, of course “YES”, but on the internet you can read that it is a normal bodily response. When the bladder becomes full forward morning, press the corpus cavernosum of the penis so that blood does not flow so well. It’s like when using a penis ring .Morning wood is not always a sign that you would like to have sex. A claim is that if the man has sex in the morning, it may be that he has less energy during the day. Secreted hormones will apparently signal to the body that he has done his job for the day (= reproduction).

So guys, what do you think: Do you save your love energy at night or is it just nonsense? 😉


To large penis = sex problems ?

Symbolfoto: För stor penis = sexproblem?One may thinks certain: the larger the penis, the happier gets the girl ! And the occasional girl thinks certain: the larger the penis , the harder intercourse !

Sure, there are girls who fantasize about guys having a limb above average (let’s say anything over 20 cm). A giant penis is probably safe nice to look at but when it gets serious , it can occasionally cause some complications .
During foreplay when giving a handjob then it’s probably no major problems – both hands can probably spoil him without difficulty. But we’re talking now about a blowjob … hmm , all the girls do not like a deep throat that can end up quite a pain with nausea . 😮 . And we come to the intercourse so there may be other complications. It hurts when the penis penetrates and / or an unpleasant sensation at each impact and movement. And this would be no fun for either girl or guy .
Of course, then one can not abstain from sex just because you have a big penis , instead take a look at the following tips:

A relaxing preparation really is the alpha and omega Have you plenty of time during foreplay so that your partner gets a chance to open up. And if it does not slide enough so use a lubricant.
Good lubricant is half won. 😉 And if those two things do not help so try maybe then spoon position . If he hugs her from behind and then slowly and gently penetrates then it should work. One recommendation is that all movements during intercourse to happen in slow motion so that a sudden movement does not hurt so much (so that intercourse may be a frustrating end. )
If SHE would rather take HIM and want to take control so she can swing into the saddle and try with here on top . Then she decides namely how deeply she wants to bring it in and can also take a while if the shaft by hand to give him an extra kick .

Do you know more positions dedicated to good if you have an especially large penis ? The comment field is as usual at your disposal . 🙂

Sex Myths – No.1: Guys fall asleep after sex because they have lost interest in us

Somnat efter sexet?It ‘s the weekend , you’ve had a romantic evening and are now disappearing into the bedroom to finally have cool, relaxed sex. But as soon as he has come , he will become sleepy and just a few minutes later you hear his snoring instead of tender words of love …

Those who think that the situation is acquainted can believe that the partner is just an effort to get what he wants and he goes to sleep right away because he does not want you.

That this is incorrect , however, serious studies have shown: Shortly after an orgasm secreted a large amount of the sleep hormone Serotin the man – about ten times more than the woman. He therefore placed almost in an anesthesia-like conditions . 😉 Ok , so dangerous , it is not , but you should at least know that men are not responsible for whether he would prefer to sleep after sex . It has nothing to do with his interest in you , but , often , only with his hormones.

Here, then, my tip : Let him sleep for a while and wake him up later if you still have the desire . For after a little nap , he has certainly the more energy . 😀