Autumn is the best time for sex!

As sexy can be autumn
It was not long ago we sat on the beach and licked the ice cream and now you are going to dig up the thick cover jackets out of the closet.

Summer is well basically out and out it just gets colder and colder. Autumndepression? Not then! Even if the temperatures drops, it’s still hot in the imagination and in the bedrooms. Fall is actually the best time for sex!

This good news, we can thank the German and American scientists. They came up to the fact that sex hormones reaches peak values ​​in autumn. The high testosterone levels in men mourn for more desire for sex and makes the men have a longer endurance. In the girls produced more estrogen in the fall, thus increasing women’s sexual desires. This is the one (s) explosive mixture that can make autumn the best time of the year!

Now you do thus not provide because of the days just get shorter and shorter, but look forward to the nights are getting longer! 😉

Now it is the best season to pep up your sex life so there really carefully and try something new. Surprise your partner with one or two or three of our hot products. Perfect to celebrate the good news! 😀

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