7 Seductive Sex Sins

Ok, there are couples who have same sex throughout life and not miss anything. But for all those who want a little more variety and excitement in the life I’ve made a list of seven seductive sex sins like pepper up the most humdrum life together.

1.) Bondage Sex: The games of power and submission is very exciting. How can man, for example, bind partner with flexible spank ties at the bed and spoil her how and where he wants … or vice verse! ;-)

2.) Phone Sex: Even if you have no distance relationship can be very exciting with sex over the phone. At first, it might be faintly strange, but the first time is almost as beautiful as the real first time. Start slowly and let your imagination decide. Best of all: The phone is often easier to say “dirty” things than in bed.

3.) Sex of disguises: In this seduction, there are no limits. If one is dominant nurse, a shy school girl or even an animal: A disguise is perfect for various role play and help to get the right mood. So it can detect and display the brand new sides of themselves.

4.) Sex in the water: If it’s in the sea, in the bathing lake, secret in the hotel pool or at home in the bath: Sex in the water can provide completely new feelings of happiness. Thanks to weight ratios in the water slides it really the highlight. In addition, the warm water relaxes the body so that women, for example, reaches orgasm easier.

5.) Sex at the window: To believe that one gets discovered when having sex is extremely arousing, and if it is the home of the window, it still feels safe. Sex in a lighted window are extra nervous … especially if it moans high. But be sure not to lean out too much! ;-)

6.) Sex with a stranger: Those who want even more excitement has sex with an unknown person. Take a hot guy or girl from the disco or business. This prohibited makes it guaranteed very exciting. But beware: Do not forget to protect yourselves !!!

7.) Sex by yourself: When he’d rather watch football instead to devote himself to you, when she and shopping with girlfriends … or if you are yourselves for a while: Take matters into your own hands. Masturbation is healthy and makes you get to know your body better and you become relaxed. To make things even more exciting, you can of course use the various tools.

Have fun! :-)

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