5 everyday pickup lines for HER & HIM

Untitled“So you also like the Spice Girls?” Once asked me a young guy who had heard me and my girlfriends when we shouted to the “If you wanna be my lover” at the disco. And yes, I probably should have shown a little more respect toward the guy, but I could barely keep myself from laughing. But it was the right cocky daring on this on a girls’ night, and his attempt at a really good pick-up line did not succeed. Okay, the guy was at least a head smaller than me and guess five years too young and therefore had relatively small chances.

A while ago I talked with a couple of girl friends this evening and we started talking about the pickup lines that really work. For her and for him. I actually have a small list of pickup lines that nonetheless fails. Now we come to a list of five living serviceable pickup lines that should work.

1. Hi, I’m …
… And now developed in 1000 exciting opportunities. I am Peter, I’m Sarah, I’m new in town, I’m confused, I’m full. Depending on where you want to come with pickup line so it is a lot of room for creativity. And it fits well with a question afterwards – about the weather, the music or the way home … depending on where you are.

2. Why we do not know each other yet?
Much better than “Do you know me.” Or “I want to know you.” Admittedly, this is quite courageous, but who has the situation under control after little eye contact can actually venture into it. The worst that can happen is that you get a strange look, right?

3. Would you recommend this drink?
… Or the book, or the ice cream or what he or she is holding is perfect to say to start a conversation. Much better than “Are you here often?” And the question also shows that you might have a common interest. If both love to read “Harry Potter” or “Shades of Grey”, they found the first theme and it might now arise a “magic” love story. :-) Applies the ice cream, it can be a question of a common life with lactose intolerance, concerns a matter of a drink may bring another drink.

4. We need to talk!
Something for your courageous. Because I can almost bet that you first get the right puzzled looks if you dare you to such a pick-up line. For most people, these words are not something positive. And it is clear that you must answer the question of “what?”. This surprise effect may well be a super start of a fun conversation.

5. Is it free?
A pick-up line that is not really any pickup line – perfect! But beware, not all men are flirting mood.

What is your favorite or do you know of another pick-up line that works well? Or do you have a couple of other interesting flirting tips? Run up and running, the comment field is at your disposal. Of course you can also write down the most horrible pickup replicas – just to show how to do. :-)
In the future, I will definitely keep my ears open and pay attention to how people talk to each other.

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