10 stuff that (most) girls are being turned off in bed

Guys, you have certainly not easy with us girls when it comes to sex. There’s so much you have to consider. Guy‘s and girls’ magazines provide a lot of sex tips, but of course it is easy for the guys to still make the occasional sexmiss. Therefore we have made ​​a list of 10 lust killers you absolutely must avoid when it goes hot for next time.OVERACT
You run your tongue in your ear, biting hard in our nipples and sucking passionately on our toes in the best case, we think that it’s just a little annoying. Maybe liked your last girlfriend this or have you got it all wrong and plagued us women unknowingly. The fact is: it’s only erotic if we previously had expressly asked you to do it.

Pedaling in piano
Saying things like, “Come to Daddy” or “Yes, Mom” is taboo our parents are guaranteed to be the last thing we want to think about when we have sex. Moreover, the vast majority of us no father complex and we want to not be compared with our moms. You can call us The Queen” or something along those lines. 😉


Pressing down the head
Yes, we know that men like blowjobs. Yes, we know you want a blow job … and now with the same! But it is WE who decides if and when we want to do this service of love and a compulsion is definitely counterproductive.

We need more time to get an orgasm, even if you are doing your best. Your wrists hurt? You soon get a cramp in your tongue? Sorry, blowjobs, saith he, not Jobs just like that. And when we see that you are impatient, we will not be closer to orgasm.

The Great Silence
We girls can get a little annoyed because you often only hear us during intercourse. From you, it will not do much. So, show us how light do you even before we get excited when guys moan of desire.

To tear the hair
We love it when it goes wild, but you do not need to be so rough! Of course we like it when strong hands grab us and caresses our hair but pulling it’s taboo, even in the heat of the moment!

WE want to be what you desire and we are live and NAKED in front of you. So, do not fumble around with your eyes closed and do not think of an actress or singer. In this way, we feel like an emotional dummy you have in your fantasies. Now, if you necessarily have to think of something so think of something that makes the orgasm that linger. 😉

Wandering into
We know that many guys want to have anal sex. But it’s not a good idea to pretend as if you had entered the wrong input just like that. Never without invitation! If you do it anyway, it is doomed to fail and it is likely that the anal sex will not ever say more. As you can probably otherwise ask gently for a dirty talk.

To be in a hurry
Are you going away somewhere or why are you in such a hurry? Moreover, we would also love to be with. So with all the passion that also flatters us – slow it down a bit and take your time for a little tenderness. Now, if you come first, so take a second round and devote your time solely on your lover erotic needs.
And finally, one thing that always pops up in this kind of lists. But we had not nagged about it if you had learned it. We do not have any socks in bed! Naked we want you completely NAKED! 😉


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