10 interesting facts about masturbation

Symbolfoto - 10 intressanta fakta om onani10 interesting facts about masturbation
That masturbation does not make you blind should probably be clear to all. On the contrary masturbation should, according to many doctors, be in every medicine cabinet. But even beyond that, there are a lot of surprising, fun and useful facts about the subject of “self-love” that we naturally want to share with us. We have put together a few points that will give you pleasure for a real masturbation-Olympics. Now, if you  pulling a Tarzan shaking rooster or polish the pearl you are not alone.

Masturbation is the first wellness for body and soul. Put your intimate region of a short-term stress and afterwards you can enjoy the short and long term benefits of this climax: stress reduction, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, release of feelings of happiness and enhanced coronary artery.

Second, did you know that in the month of May celebrates the international masturbation month in the United States? Well, Americans who considered so adorn ?! Since 1995, rubbed, pulled and rubbed it so it is lovely to this honor Joycelyn Elders, a military doctor who was fired by then-President Bill Clinton that she had spoken publicly about masturbation. Hmm, and there shall be freedom of speech?

3 But it may be too much of a good thing? Aside from the fact that it might someday become a ‘wear and tear of the material “, so it can never be too much self-love. As long as you manage to get you to work on time, then there is no reason why the ora. This confirmed until the American Psychiatric Association.

4 And we also have a good news for all the girls who suffer from menstrual cramps: discard painkillers, masturbation is the most effective and natural means to resolve with cramps. Once a month, then masturbation is not only beautiful, but also painkillers. Well, if pharmaceutical groups knew about this …

5 But for all the enthusiasm it might be interesting to take us back to masturbation dark history. In 1716 it circulated a booklet in London who undertook details. This booklet was listed as all horrifying consequences up including that it got hairy hands. The booklet was translated into various languages ​​and 60 editions saw that many hands were on the quilt a long time. And even worse: In Connecticut masturbation punished by death in the 1600s.

6 A good news for all those who still feel guilty when they indulge themselves: almost everyone does it. A survey from 2010 shows that 94% of men and 85% of women are happy to spend time with themselves. The other 21% are probably those who complain about the baby cry or tease up at all because of trifles. … or you‘re lying simply. 😉

7 And now it gets really interesting: people who have sex regularly, masturbate more often than people without a lively sex life. Even their marriages last longer and are happier. When you read something like that so you sacrifice willingly for a good cause!

8 Although the first people obviously knew what it was about, a clay figure from a temple in Malta shows a person in a clearmasturbation stance and this was 4000 years before Christ! What does that tell us? People could thus far freely rub and rub before they began to destroy us.

9 Promasturbation-argument, there is a whole lot and you can not get enough of them. Here is part 2 with the health argument: masturbation reduces the risk of diabetes, prostate cancer, depression, sleep disturbances and cervical infections. Good, right? The time you spend at the doctor one can rather spend at home in bed.

10 He who believes that masturbation is an invention of man has never been in the zoo’s monkey house. But it is not just the monkeys who like to fiddle with themselves, even deer, squirrels and walruses know how to make it good for himself. Scientists have even observed that female monkeys using sticks in a very creative, erotic way humans have needed decades to invent dildo.

But let’s be honest now: we really do well no reason to do it and to enjoy ourselves. And we all know that everybody wants that something must be done right, so you simply do it yourself! 😉

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