Women choose love affair by zodiac sign

As far as I know, I probably never consciously thought about my partner’s zodiac sign. But most women seem to do it and believe that zodiac sign certainly plays a big role in choosing the next partner .

The girls mix in the stars even when they cheat I had never imagined : But according to a survey left rustle portal First Affair done checking 32% of the ladies that the potential transaction or one night stand is suitable zodiac sign. Interestingly, in the choice of a suitable life partner , different characters can be beneficial. But when it is only about six to sign within the same element ( fire , water, or air ) ensure that it heats up properly : as many as 41 % among women and 29.2 % of men believe that sex with a partner of the same element is more exciting. However , only 17 % of men who really cares about the zodiac sign.

So now we have learned : If a guy gets slammed at the pub after having revealed his birthday must not mean that he has bad charisma – perhaps his star sign is simply not right.

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