What is the Italian sex method?

italian sex methondsPizza, pasta and amore ! Italians ‘re known for their passion and sensuality. An Italian man plugged often associated with temperament and Italian women with a boiling passion – but the Italians can do much more than that … At least when it comes to a sex technical has been called after them.
To roll on a condom is an important thing! And sometimes there is a hot , long-awaited sex act a smidgen annoying and a bit oerotiskt when it becomes an improper ” wait” when to slip on a condom.

Would not it be better if this short phase became a little more erotic , then you can make use of the Italian method – here namely rolled the condom on with your mouth. A great feeling for men who like oral sex , and it’s incredibly sexy when the girl can.
To make it even more enjoyable for the girl to engage especially condoms with aromatherapy .

And this is how the Italian method :
– Take out a condom from the package and place it in the drop position with reservoir standing up – so it looks like a hat with a brim .
– Pull back the foreskin of the limb
– Take the condom reservoir between your lips ( NOT between TEETH : A hole in the rubber were anything but sexy! ) , So that the air squeezed out.
– Slip the condom over the penis head with the help of the lips.
– When you come across acorn wreath so you can roll the condom on with your mouth or help with the hand.

You will certainly need to practice this a bit. If you like a surprise partner must acquire some bananas or cucumbers and a couple of condoms for a “secret training ” .

Although some of you are probably thinking , ” Tsk … sex with rubber is something I do not want to get involved with ,” keep in mind that it will protect you against the ( gender ) diseases and an unwanted pregnancy !
It is also important that the condom fits well. Too large or too small condom is not exactly comfortable.
Anyone who says you can not feel anything when using a condom , should gain a few extra impassioned condoms. Then it works even when the cap is on! 😉

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