The longer, the better …. sex that is! the length is important – but now we’re not talking about man’s best friend, but if one of the fairest in the world, sex is! You are welcome to bring a little more time during intercourse for certain , one can discover the odd thing when you have sex. Girls usually need a little more warm . The right atmosphere , sensual stimulation , one’s own imagination – these are all factors that must match so that the girl can enjoy their own arousal . And this usually requires some time .

Although an occasional quickie can be exciting, so it is with sex as with food – the true enjoyment comes first when you get plenty of time , trying out a lot and enjoying with all senses. For girls , this is therefore not a problem , but rather a prerequisite. But what can you do when the desire becomes too large , and when it ends too soon ?

That a quickie can be exciting, as a prelude to a hot night match very well, even for girls – and maybe a little ” nerlugnande ” for the man. She enjoys the feeling of being desired and with the knowledge that there will be a second round there will be no pressure to come now – the female arousal built up slowly. The man can only take care of his own desires and afterwards – no, do not turn around and sleep 😉 he can concentrate fully on her sensual desires. Given the physiological grounds so delay the second round much longer . Then you will have enough time to explore each other and to stimulate the mind, try something new and in this way you create a lengthy , varied foreplay.

There are a couple of other sextricks you can use so that foreplay but also intercourse becomes longer. Avoid simply partner’s sensitive , erogenous zones and commit yourself to other body parts. Maybe you discover a completely different , new , erotic zones partner would never have suspected that he / she had. The honeymoon and shortly before ecstasy so you end and start a little later again – for example, with penis – clamp method. Another , slightly more complicated variant of this game is tantra sex is an erotic , Indian doctrine that seeks to increase sexets intensity exercises and self-control and delay ejaculation .

Anyone who wants to wait a few seconds before orgasm so that you can come together , it can of course take an old wisdom and simply think about something else entirely. 😉

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