Sweet temptations …

Sexy candyWhen it comes to candy and sweets so will most people weak and stops avidly itself the sweet sins. It licked, sucked, smaskas and stönas pleasurably. Wait a minute, that sounds almost like sex – and no wonder, I say then, to eat sweets can be incredibly erotic. You men can certainly confirm this, for any guy, no dirty thoughts when a girl eating an ice cream melting in the sun, and when she tries to lick up the last drops. Licking a lollipop cause avsugningsfantasies and really dirty it will be if you take small pieces of candy in penis shape as the brave girls can have that ring on your finger and use at the right moment.

Broadly speaking, one can really transform your entire body into a single, erotic candy department HE and SHE. We have the classic spray cream that slowly melts on the skin, or chocolate sauce, which you can paint arrows on the body to show which path to take. Or let us take the ice cream again, cold ice cream that slowly drains your body is perfect for beautiful temperaturslekar.Kommer you remember the tingling sensation of having effervescent powder on your tongue? With the powder, adults can find completely different uses! : D You can, for example moisturize sensitive body parts with tongue and sprinkle the powder – it tingles on your skin and when you lick it off. Even sweet, sparkling wine with strawberry peach or elderberry flavor that runs on the body and collected in small valleys, tickles beautiful on the body and tunga.Men one must not resort to wine and champagne, even with fresh fruits and berries can be really nasty. Those who prefer to have something to nibble on, there edible underwear. Well this is nothing new and pretty boring,” says sure many of you now, but with a little creativity, you can pep up this classic. The key word is: home made​​! Wood raspberries or small strawberries on a string and make a string or a tiny bikini by the string. The fruits and berries can you smart place right on the nipples or sex. How do you show where you ideally want to be kissed! 😉
Even his “best friend” you can decorate. And girls, there’s a lot of candy that has holes in the middle that can sweeten a blowjob. One could use the monks, vingumminappar, pretzels or a homemade ring of sweet fruits – it’s just your imagination and creativity sets the limits. Now you can first lick on his cock head and sprinkle a sockertopping and now you can get started with sucking. I can almost bet that that kind of blow job becomes much longer and much more intense than usual. 😉 Anyone who does not like it when it sticks so there body powder with a lot of flavors, including caramel and chocolate. Or we limit ourselves to feed each other with cakes and tarts. Then you can lick your fingers and disappear the crumbs into the deeper regions so I just had to look for them. 😉

And a handy tip: honey or syrup‘re certainly good but it sticks like crazy and it gets too sweet. I can also recommend adding a varnish sheets on the bed if you have imagined it to grisas down really well. One might otherwise take it out in the garden or on a lonely, idyllic place in nature. Barbecue enthusiasts can produce ketchup bottle and barbecue sauce and arrange really lovely snuskerier. But beware of harsh ingredients that burn : o

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