Sex Myths – Morning wood

Six Myths No.1: Morning wood


Good morning! In this first article about Sex Myths I would like to devote myself to the morning wood, or at least theoretically. 😉

Is the man mornerection, then morning wood, a sign of sexual arousal? Most guys say, of course “YES”, but on the internet you can read that it is a normal bodily response. When the bladder becomes full forward morning, press the corpus cavernosum of the penis so that blood does not flow so well. It’s like when using a penis ring .Morning wood is not always a sign that you would like to have sex. A claim is that if the man has sex in the morning, it may be that he has less energy during the day. Secreted hormones will apparently signal to the body that he has done his job for the day (= reproduction).

So guys, what do you think: Do you save your love energy at night or is it just nonsense? 😉


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