Sex at work – good or bad?

sex at work - iomojoDuring a girls’ night out recently mentioned a friend of mine that she has best sex – with one of her colleagues. It was formed directly two sides: for and against. A couple of the girls probably thought this was not such a good idea and said that it would surely repent, so were the other good nosy and wanted to know all sorts of details …

How is it when it comes to “Sex at work with colleagues”? In normal circumstances the job rather a stressor that can not directly get the urge to, but why should you not take the opportunity to boss sexy secretary or the tasty junior manager?
Outside, the temperature rises and even at work, you can now see more and more bare skin (of course depending on what industry you work in). In my imagination, it does work colleagues or boss is a big part of many. But is it ok to take for himself the sexual tension in the copy room to grab a quickie? Or is it just a problem?

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