Seven Sex Tips Mon too Sun

weekly sex tipsIt is high time to do something against the dull everyday! Spring comes – albeit with tiny steps – but it’s coming! This means: Look over your sex life and my advice to you: take seven days and make them the proper “six days”. Maybe think some of you “and how should it be done?” But think not so much, do it instead! 😀

Weekly schedule “sex” does not mean that you should have intercourse as soon as you see each other. This is, admittedly good, but there are lots of other things you can do before getting six. When you kiss your sweetheart last? And I mean no little kiss here and there without a real hot and passionate kiss? Do it when you say goodbye at the door and you will see what effect it has! ;-). Utilize this six-week for more touches and more sex. And this would be your six-week could look like:

It’s Monday – everyday is here again. But you set the clock a little earlier and uses the “lost” time for a little morning sex. The evening is quiet and you can get a little inspired for the next day by watching a movie for adults … But it should not be too wildly week’s long!
Tuesday – yesterday morning was pretty hard, because it will be just a little snuggle under the covers. Ok, if sex drive is there so go ahead ;-). You know how it’s done. Otherwise you can postpone it until the evening.  Yeah, right! Darling gets a proper kiss when he / she leaves the house and when he / she comes home again.
Wednesday is of wishes and dreams today. Think of something you would like to do, such as getting your butt spanked a’la Shades of Grey – or something else? Talk to each other, it is important for a good sex!
Thursday – today you are in different rooms and can have a look through the keyhole. To look at each other on the sly can be very exciting and you can have a good time with each other even at a distance – here you will find the suitable sex toys with remote control.
Friday calls for a little relaxation. After 5 days of full body effort so it’s nice having an erotic massage partner. Until then you can of course take a shared bath, and then you see what happens …
Saturday – Today we go out and have sex anywhere else! It can be on your way to your favorite restaurant, going to the cinema or going home. Here one must be careful that you do not get noticed!
Sunday – late morning, breakfast in bed and then a shared shower. A perfect end to these seven six-day well a romantic dinner with a recipe that contains aphrodisiac ingredients and that surely makes you end up in bed again.

And certainly it was beautiful! Sex and soreness associated with a relationship just as much as whipped cream on strawberries. And take these six tips too seriously. You can of course vary them and think of something themselves. And if it just gets a sexy evening of the seven nights, it is also ok!


So lets put the weekly calendar into place now.

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