How to take your own erotic pictures

Att ta egna, erotiska fotografier To take their own erotic photographs Paying a real photographer to take erotic photographs can have their pros and cons. Of course , it is often better quality if you let a professional do it. But this also has its price , and you should not have any inhibitions to take off her clothes in front of a stranger . Then it might be hard to look relaxed in the pictures.

Therefore, we have a few tips how you can do it all at home . And also saves you the expensive paper copies and your pictures must not be seen by a lot of foreign people . Yes, what is now needed for a private shooting ?

A helping hand ? If you do not have a self -timer, and know a person that you can trust so it can become more active and dynamic images . A helping hand can also work more angles than if you have your camera on a tripod , the perspectives vary and the person can give advice on what poses that might work well .

Pose ! Check on the internet, where you can get a lot of inspiration. Stylish accessories and sexy lingerie you need not look far for – they find you here with us : Click Here ! Anyone who has trouble getting a good facial expression can avoid looking into the camera, so may the photographs a mysterious touch, and this can cause it to become intimately . A little make-up makes it all the better , the strong reddening , it is better to use a camouflage make up, this covers better than a concealer and does not run / smudge so quickly. Avoid ugly make-up stripes on the neck and cheek ! To give your face a natural shine so use a little translucent powder – even guys can powder a bit , if your face shine as it can ruin the otherwise good image.

Backdrop : With a bookcase or drying place in the background disappears photography erotic charisma directly . Remove anything that you do not want to appear. Maybe you have a sheet in a stylish color or if you have a nice tile on the wall ? Unless it is so then a white light of the type of fiber wallpaper perfectly ok !

Light : Depending on which camera you have so light must sue . Some digital cameras do not work at all if it is too dark . Therefore , you should probably try some in the room where the light is best in. Should it be a little semi-dark so you can work with lights that are obscured and candles. Cameras with built-in flash , you should , however, avoid the lightning distributed ‘s not in the room but “hits” model frontally . An indirect lightning is therefore better , on some cameras can twist and turn the flash to hit precisely where you want, this would be an additional option . Anyone who is willing to invest a little in the right equipment can acquire small flash -set . A sheet in the background can be like a kind of reflector and lighten the image. Anyone who wants pros to it properly can inform themselves about to Hire flash facilities nearby. These provide very good light when it comes to indoor shooting .

Camera: Not everyone has an SLR camera , but maybe you know someone who has one ? These are suitable namely the best and it becomes almost like a pro audio equipment . If you have an expensive digital camera , you get a bit more testing . Are you supposed to take pictures with the self timer so it’s good if you have a tripod. Is it a friend to take pictures , it’s a he or she must have a gentle hand . The person renting equipment could ask if there is a bridge or SLR, these are very well suited to this kind of images .

Lens: Photographs you with interchangeable lenses ( SLR ) then you should avoid a wide-angle , this could cause an image to be distorted . According to the pros is a bright ( with a focal length of 80 to 135 mm ) the best .

It’s very easy to put together several hundred pictures during such a shooting , and one should take the time to see and discuss which images become the best. It’s easiest to see them on the computer and you can then process them slightly with an image processing program to provide images that extra edge .

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