Girls, when you have the urge to yourselves

Kvinnlig onani When that girl has sex drive and there is no guy around so you can arrange it yourself. One or another ask themselves safely – how? Well, there are a lot of masturbation postures and finger techniques that girl just have to try on! 🙂

If we start with the racks. Basic Situation: You put you on the back and caress you where it’s nice. For example, start with the breasts, caressing the areola to the nipple that is now massaged. Then wander hand slowly down to blygden and pamper your clit with circular movements.
You notice pretty quickly see where that gets you in ecstasy. If that is not enough, you can take one or two fingers and sliding them into the vagina. We are all different. Clit, clitoris, vagina, and both … try simply! 🙂
Of course you can vary your position – put a pillow under your butt or add your page as in the spoon position. Or do you do that when you are squatting when you sit or stand. The main thing it’s convenient and you will reach it you should.

So, now that you have decided on what position you prefer, we will now turn to the different finger techniques
In an indirect massage, you take your index and middle finger and takes her clit between them. Take a good grip on her clit and now you can start with the massage. You can touch you, and your fingers as you want, increase the pressure and even pull her clit a little upwards. For all of you who like multitasking, I have a multigrip. But beware, this technique can lead to a passionate, but quick orgasm. How many fingers you choose to use, you decide thumb, fingers, or both? The vagina and the clitoris is stimulated incredibly through the massage and the introduction of the fingers. You‘ll quickly discover what you like.
Dyktekniken: A technique with one, two, five or more fingers. Insert your fingers into the vagina and let them disappear rhythmically in and out of the vagina. Vary the pace from slow to fast. Shortly before the orgasm comes on you, I recommend keeping your fingers inside for a brief moment and then pull them out.
One to finger tip – lip grip. This technique involves you holding the labia apart with your index and little ginger and rub her clit with the middle and ring finger. If you need more pressure, so you can take your other hand to help.

Those who have the desire to stimulate herself with the aforementioned finger techniques and / or shower handle so I recommend the following SPA therapy.
SPA treatment in the bathtub: Before filling up the tub with water, put you in the tub first and let the water jets hit your body. The beam can now massaging your breasts, stomach and intimate zones. Stay down and enjoy it. When the tub is now filled with water, you take the shower handle and place it between your thighs so that the beam reaches the clitoris and vagina, mmmmhhh ….

Of course, such a showermassage possible even under the shower while sitting, standing squatting or standing up: adjust the water jet power as you need it. Keep the shower handle in front of the vagina and driving on the free hand. 😉

Have it now so nice and always think of that when it comes to masturbation so desperately need no self-control! 😉

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