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Sex New Year’s resolutions for 2014

The year has reach its end – it’s the perfect time of day for an erotic flashback . The German infidelity site FirstAffair has conducted a survey among its members and the shows three erotic trends in 2013 – they are now are real or rather fantasies we do not know but we have taken a look at the survey results and have developed three six New Year’s resolutions that may sounds simple , but has a big impact and that will make 2014 an incredibly erotic and sexy year.
Sex-nyårslöften för 2014
Six New Year’s resolutions for 2014

Top of the wish list is apparently a threesome – guys dream about two sexbomber in bed and girl dreams of being pampered by two handsome guys at the same time . And why not – to be at the center is always flattering and it ‘s a triple desire. 😉 Our first New Year’s resolution reads thus : Daring to something new. Here you’ll find some erotic love tips for couples.

2013 has apparently been a year you can happily have played 81% of the surveyed girls and 70 % of respondents guys said they love to use sex toys in bed . In addition to the “normal” sex toys as it has now for this trend developed special sextoys for couples. For example: ” G- Spoon “, ” Intimate Spreader Vibrating ‘or’ We- Vibes ” . The relationship becomes more stable and you get a new kick in the bedroom. Our second six – New Year’s resolution reads thus : Try a little sex toys for couples.

Site members on FirstAffair dream most about living out secret erotic fantasies – and that’s pretty normal for an infidelity website. For it is that so many couples do not talk enough with each other , neither of problems or when dealing with sexual desires or fantasies. And intense conversations that are so important to strengthen the relationship and to have a good life together . Our third six – New Year’s resolution is : Tell us about and live out your fantasies.

This list is just the beginning for 2014, and one can write where both the one and the other. But one thing is certain: When it comes to erotic New Year’s resolutions , then it should of course be no problem to keep them 😉

We wish you a Happy and erotic new year!

Practical sex tips – Giving her oral sex

Not only do men think that oral sex is one of the sweetest ways to have sex . While most women think about oral ( also called cunnilingus ) than they would like to admit. But to oral sex should be a pleasurable experience for both and not an embarrassing or frustrating event you have to avoid certain things or to do some others. I ‘ll try to help you a bit on the way I thought.

One thing that can get in the way of casual oral sex is girl’s fear that her partner may think that her nakedness is ugly or smells strange. One way to feel more secure , it is entirely to keep a good hygiene. Simply wash with clean water to remove about 80 % of all bacteria and odor . If you also use a mild soap and intimate take a thorough shower can you really be sure that nothing smells .

There are not many men who think that a vagina is not attractive , the opposite! Just the sight of a vagina and the natural smell like many men are insanely exciting. And , now I’m talking to the gentlemen – if you tell your partner how much you think of her sex, how sleek and sexy you think her vagina is , it will help a lot on the road to successful oral sex experiences !

If you guys are feeling a little hesitant to pop down with your head between your thighs to your loved ones , this is not particularly surprising either. In terms of getting to know the where foreign body part first ! A good way is to discover it gently with your hand, it feels even more comfortable for the girl. So you need not feel that you need to give it all at once , but then head on a voyage of discovery together. And if you have questions about hygiene: A washed sex smells as good as nothing . And the vagina’s natural ph makes it very clean and germ free .

But now to the tips that can help you to give your partner some pleasurable moments. Centre of the female desire is undoubtedly the clitoris. Sometimes it is not easy to find the hiding in a fold of skin between the labia , so that the glans is hiding under the foreskin. But if you are with your hand pull the skin up a little , you will easily detect the small fancy button and can stroke it .

Many women , however, is very fragile right on the clitoris and a direct stimulation can be almost painful. Often, just licking or pulling small circles around the clitoris incredibly exciting for her. Although the inner labia and the entrance is often very sensitive . So if you sometimes take a little detour down she’ll appreciate it and her desire to grow.

Good also if you switch from slow to fast . Think about how you yourself want to have oral sex and then try to do the same with her. But remember that not all women are alike and all do not like the same stimulation. Some like large print and also directly on the clitoris. Others feel better about compassionate , long slow and indirect caresses. It is best if she simply tells you what she likes and what she does not like it when you ” hold on ” . This way, you’ll soon learn the perfect technique .

But one thing you must not forget : Clitoris often need much longer to be stimulated than a penis. So take your time and do not drop ( tolerate ) the courage , she sets course also up to you !

Top 13 of things that you should avoid anything in bed!

Because I like lists, so I’ve made a small list of things you should not do in bed: These are real erotica killer. Enjoy! 🙂

First) to keep the sexual desires for himself: How can one then find out what you like?

Second) Socks in bed: A, I must not say anything. The worst is probably the white tubsockorna – and the rest is naked – ugh!

3rd) Mention exet: Sentences like “Camilla was always so” you certainly do not hear. There is in any case the erotic thermometer down to well below zero.

4.) Uncleanliness: You want the that your partner smells good and is clean and well-groomed, right? Well, then it’s not too much to ask to have you with that too. A little tip for you can feel free to bring a little care as foreplay. I simply say: Bath oil, bath salts, shower gel & bubble bath.

Sexy decorating tips – so will your bedroom into a love temple!

Sovrummet som kärlekstempelYou really do not have a round bed that you can spin and a mirror on the ceiling – even with a smaller monetary and stylish accessories can make an erotic love temple of your bedroom. Here a few decoration tips:

1. ) Preparation: One of the biggest downer in the bedroom is the TV ! When it is in the bedroom , it becomes that “you should just see something” and then it gets to be stuck in front of the jar instead of devoting themselves to each other . Throw out your love then enemy from the bedroom and you will soon have more energy for each other. Although unnecessary disorder and gadgets ironing boards and drying racks have nothing to do in the bedroom : They distract and unromantic .

Second ) Light : Select any indirect lighting, such as . small table or vägglamppor with a darker (red or green stimulates and is cozy ) . Even better, of course, with candles that are scattered throughout the room and provides a soft, warm light . But see anyway that the bed is sufficiently illuminated , men as we know, the eyes of people and they are especially excited to see the partner. You can feel free to hang something over the lights that are too bright .

3rd ) Scents: If you have chosen erotiserande scented candles lighting is even better : They provide a stimulating scent that enchants the mind. If you do not have any of these you can otherwise take some of you – or his favorite perfume and spray some three feet above the bed. But careful it does not get too much, it may otherwise have an off-putting effect. Even a few drops of essential oil in a hat- normal candle making under.

4. ) Blankets , sheets & decoration : Whoever is rikitgt creative can decorate the walls with curtains and fabrics. This provides a cozy and exotic atmosphere for a thousand and one nights . It is suitable colors dark red or arrangement entirely innocent white . My tip : A square cloth that is the same size as your bed , you can attach to the ceiling. Now you have a romantic canopy without having to buy an entire canopy bed. Even a big , oriental bedspread or a few rugs and above all lots of pillows on the bed gives a antiskt desire temple with a cozy atmosphere .

5th ) Music : Wear low background music. It removes the potential , awkward silence at first.

6. ) Beverages & goodies : If you want to spoil your sweetheart she dropped you can put little treats and a fruit bowl near the bed. Grapes, strawberries , etc. are perfect! A couple of drinks before and after does not hurt either . Then you do not interrupt the file if you gasping for water. 😉

May I orgasm easier with a sex toy?

Kvinna med sexleksakThe use of sex toys is in today’s society no longer strange, it is the opposite normal and it’s a great addition to intimacy.
Moreover, masturbation is very important, it is nice and is actually even healthy! 😀

But a question that remains open is whether it is easier to have an orgasm if you use a sex toy? The answer is, often, it depends on yourself!
A woman, for example, who do not get an orgasm in a normal sexual intercourse, could be peaking on the clitoris is stimulated with a vibrator. A man using a penis ring will be better able kann and therefore satisfy their partners more often.
Sex toys can also be integrated in the common prelude, they stimulate fantastin and provides an interesting and lust fully love life.

You see, it depends on yourselves – it’s certainly worth a try! Alone, together with the partner or with more …;-)

Erotic love tips no. 7 – Light and shadow

Winter is in full swing and the snow never seems to go away again, I personally think you it is fine with snow for Christmas but now it is high time for it to go away! On the other hand, one can make it really warm and cozy at home so why do we start today with our new blog series “Erotic love tips – sexy instructions for exciting (six)-adventures with beloved.” Look forward to the sensual ideas, tips and erotic hot surprises for your sweetheart.

The preparations made ​​by her AND him so that both partners can have the joy of the erotic surprises. Of course you do as you want with who will take care of the preparations, we only give advice! 😉 And this is our first love tips:

Preparations made ​​this time by her.

For the erotic love tip number 1, so you need a chair without arms and light hoses / tubes (NOTE: choose lighting that is not too hot).
Adjust the chair anywhere you want in the apartment – bedroom, living room, hall – but the room should be able to make really dark and it should not be too big. Wrap chair legs and back with strings of lights or light tubes so that a silhouette arise.
Take off your clothes all, turn off the lights, light the lights and chair and sit on the chair with her legs together. Now you can shout at him:
There he will then see is absolutely amazing. The dim light makes your body becomes a real adventure land thanks to light and shadow play. Litters are lit, valleys lies mysteriously in the dark full body erotic casting shadows. When you then parting a little on his legs so he will not be able to stay away from you.

You can also wait for him fully clothed and do a sexy strip in the dim light. The effect on him will be essentially the same. 😉

What does a tea bag has to do with sex?

sex positionBoy, it’s not easy to keep up in terms of all the new sexual techniques. So that you know what it is about when a guy asks if you want to make “tea bag” so here’s a little explanation of this sex position

You do not start the kettle and you can actually leave the kitchen completely – if you do not now want to get there, of course, it’s up to you. 😉
It is not about herbal or fruit teas, but more about his “precious parts”. What we previously called lick balls called nowadays teabag – and personally I feel that it sounds a little nicer.

To try this so suitable a little facesitting or the popular sex position 69 very well. The guy’s balls must in all cases be near the girl’s mouth, it is in any case clear. Imagine a tea bag in a mug drawn back and forth in the hot water, dipped up and down and pinched a little and the good, hot drink is ready. Same thing you do with your scrotum (not in hot water!). He lets scrotum circulate over the girl’s mouth. She uses her tongue and lips to suck, lick, stimulate the scrotum in all sorts of ways. Sometimes it disappears even into the mouth, like a real tea bag in the cup. He will love to be massaged by your tongue …

And forgive me if you have some time to come will always get other pictures in your head as soon as you see a (quite common) tea bag. 😀

Pole Dance – it’s more than half-naked girls dancing around a pole

pole dancingPole Dancing – it’s a combination of dance, fitness, strength and a little naked skin which is certainly sexy, but it’s much more than that.

Nowadays there are some pole dance courses around the country, there are courses for beginners and for those who have stayed in a while. There are courses for bridal shower or bachelor party, and yes, there are even pole dancing to kick off the work … It would be something to see the boss stand “up and down” and try to do a few exercises on the bar 🙂
This trendy sport does not require much space, no special outfit, just his own power to push against the rod, that is yrselfri for all positions in upside down positions and the ability to do the rotations around the pole. Though this is of course that train. Do you want to show this acrobatic sport back home, you find dance bars and the like here.

And this is, as I have something just for girls. It makes me think of Doug (Kevin James) from the TV series “The King of Queens”;-) Doug shows his wife Carrie (Leah Remini) how to show a pair of sexy dance moves on the pole, and this despite the fact that he has little stomach …

Come on baby, let’s do it again …

she wants more sexWhat, was this all?! This was perhaps no good words to get the partner to drive a new round of six …
The girl may after all, if she wants, getting more orgasms. He’s usually pretty tired and limp after ejaculation and need some time. Although he wants – it just does not work! 🙁 And what can you do to get off a second or even third round? Here I have a few tips:

Stay awake: one of you who still want to have to keep the partner in the mood, lest he become so relaxed that he sails away to dreamland. PIFFLE around a bit or go ahead an erotic film – maybe you get the urge to imitate the occasional sex scene!? 😀
Has he gone to sleep so it will be a small problem with the extension. Though would not it be nice to have a firm grip between the legs or perhaps even awakened by a heavy down there …

Shower Power: How about a revitalizing, common shower? While the sweat and other bodily fluids rinsed off so you will bring you closer again and it gets even a little variety in your sex life.

Nimble fingers: If he needs a little more time so he take care of her with his fingers and a vibrator. Such a nice intimate-massage can be incredibly effective and the delicious sight makes the man often get the urge again …

Role-play: While he relaxes (but not asleep) so she takes the opportunity to take on an extra delicious outfit to surprise him and to kick start the fire again. It may be that a string domina or a sore nurse.

Solo Sex: Depending on how open to handle masturbation in a relationship, it can work out to take matters into their own hands so that he lured to become active in sex games.

Do you have perhaps a special trick to get started your sweetheart?

What gets you more fired up in? Loud or quiet sex?

There’s some guys and girls who think that sex has to be loud for them to be lit. They think that sex without moans and screams are really boring.
Some mastered however not the neighbors will be embarrassing question. But it can be difficult!

I actually know people who provoke their neighbors with loud screams lust, so that they get back there because the neighbors are so loud music and also they seem incredibly adorn. The idea of ​​the two sitting with bright red face and either pretend they do not hear it or keep your ears, it may be both shout at you to run more. 😀

And how is it with you? Must sex be loud or does it even when it’s quiet?