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How does one actually good in bed?

16_bra-i-sängen-1160x655-1160x6551. For most women, it is an incredibly erotic feeling to feel coveted and desirable. This often underestimated. For it is unfortunately the case that many women consciously and unconsciously struggling with problem areas, and more. This makes it not easy. If a man comes and takes her as she is, thus sweeping away all doubt she can really let it all and enjoy. Then she is also ready to give himself. And it can also mean an extra kick that he simply takes what he wants.

A question with many answers

It is actually a question that employ us. But not so much if we have good sex. When we accept it. Only when the sex is not as good or suddenly got worse as we begin to brood. Why it does not work anymore and what is it made? And then it could also be that the sex with the same partner is unbelievably good today and tomorrow is completely worthless. Or it was good before, and then it got worse and worse. Sometimes sex is better when we know each other a long time. And one and another one night stand becomes supernova that can finally let go of all inhibitions. And now we ask ourselves, what really “good in bed”? The answers to this question are very different. These I got in my little survey:

“When I get an orgasm.”
“Anatomical basic knowledge should be.”
“That you know what the other wants, and that you do not have to say anything or ask.”
“Before you become good in bed you should master the basic techniques.”
“Good sex is always dependent on the love and feelings for each other. Sex without emotion can not be any good sex. ”
“I get very excited about, I think he smells good.”
Become coveted and release all

A recipe for great sex is not the case. For this, the views too different. My experience is that it is primarily the two components that make you great lover and that drives you into a spiral of lust.

1. For most women, it is an incredibly erotic feeling to feel coveted and desirable. This often underestimated. For it is unfortunately the case that many women consciously and unconsciously struggling with problem areas, and more. This makes it not easy. If a man comes and takes her as she is, thus sweeping away all doubt she can really let it all and enjoy. Then she is also ready to give himself. And it can also mean an extra kick that he simply takes what he wants.

2. Most men get very excited when they notice that the partner unleashes and enjoying sex. For them it’s almost an aphrodisiac when the partner is not there as a board in bed and just let things happen, but also actively with. Then she was happy to take “the reins in his hand” and “reckless” to take what she wants. He is more than happy with this!

So difficult, it is not. And this positive but still vicious circle works even for short adventures. On the other hand, loses couples in long relationships this åtråhet and then the sex of duty. Especially women lose the desire quickly. Both the man and the woman wants to listen to them and are interested in what they want in bed. A technical perfection is all very well, but just not enough. It strikes no sparks if the woman did not mean it, or when the man only feels tolerated. But on the other hand, you can feel so coveted as possible. When the others did not know what buttons he or she should push, pull, tickle, lick or suck on so it is not enough åtråhet. We need to get a good mix of anatomical knowledge, to master the different sexual techniques, a good feel for the needs of others and a willingness to talk about desires and fantasies. We need the will and the ability to unleash. Then we’re good in bed!

Sex in the car

Symbolbild - sex i bilenNow it’s time again, it‘s almost weekend and it’s full speed on the roads. Sun, cars everywhere It is true that then in some strange ideas: count the number of red cars, guess brands of cars or play AZ, or how it would be to press in the whole tour our provisions?

But would not it be more fun of utilization time to move a little more? For example, having sex in the car or on a picnic? But what is the best position?

But beware! Always remember to apply the handbrake properly and in gear, otherwise it can be really embarrassing! And you will be discovered can be the whole gain an abrupt end, and you even risk being reported to the police because of disorderly conduct. But on the other hand, it is not just what is high?!?

What is the squeeze method

Symbolfoto - squeeze-metodenThis particular method is used during sexual intercourse to prevent the guy comes too early. In this way, the Act extended considerably. However, the method requires the squeeze some patience. 🙂 What is this for a method? Well, ejaculation reflex disturbed by a soft pressing and ejaculation prevented respectively. delayed.

Step 1: To make it as easy for you as possible so should the guy lying on your back and spread your legs. The partner kneels with her ​​legs spread over one of his thighs, or kneels next to him so that she successfully reaches his penis and so she can see him. Now she begins to caress and massage the limb (preferably with a little lube) so that it becomes erect. The guy should relax as much as possible and enjoy the massage penis until he almost comes. When he feels that “it’s on the wayso he gives her a agree upon mark and now use the squeeze method. She then pinches together his penis in 4-6 seconds. She puts her thumb on the bottom of the glans, and two additional fingers (ring and the middle finger) above and below where the glans is separated from the shaft of the penis. The index finger is placed on the glans of the page. If the pressure becomes too strong or painful, you can obviously shorten the time [it is always better if it’s soft and not too hard! We do not want his best friend gets hurt!] So that the effect can still be achieved, you have to then push a little further, about 8-15 seconds. The penis becomes slack again and the erection disappears but the guy ejaculates. These “dry exercisescan be repeated as often as both have the desire. One should at least have tried it three to four times to go ahead with step 2.

At step 2, you start as in the previous exercise. The small but significant difference is that after the use of the squeeze method turns to him and insert the floppy limb in her vagina. The guy is still passive on the back and then begins to slowly move up and down. The penis will thus become erect again. Shortly before he comes so pulled the penis out again and she prevents him from going with his hands.
Although this exercise should be repeated several times. When using the “sit” and everything is working as it should so the girl should get a feeling when it’s time to use the squeeze method, and repeat it without his character.
First time you should test the method in the specified position, but since then you can of course also try other positions. However, it is important that the girl respectively. the active partner takes over the press making. In the longer term, so you should probably notice that the guy does not come too soon unless it’s just to practice on.

As I’ve mentioned so requires the squeeze method, some practice and patience. But do not give up! I wish you anyway great success! 😀

Orgasm tips for her & him

Sometimes it tingles just a little and we think, “Oh,was that all ?!” and some times we just want to shout out, “Hallelujah!” The orgasm, the beautiful ending to intercourse!
But how can we really be sure that there will be more Hallelujah” than “Oh, was that all ?!”?
Here I have put together a couple of sexual techniques for him and her:

What she can do for him: Girls, you can massage his ass cheeks rhythmically and so to say pull them apart, by the stimulating feelings of the anus as his orgasm can be much more intense. During oral sex, but also during intercourse may scrotum caressed, massaged or pulled easily, perhaps even using nails. That it is you who is in charge of balls” makes sure that he gets twice as horny! 😉

What he can do for her: What sexual techniques can man use to get the woman in ecstasy?
Tried and tested agents could be cunnilingus or / and to find the G-spot (a long and nice foreplay with caressing should of course not be forgotten). If he knows where her G-spot is, then he has only really find out if this item is better to stimulate with the fingers or perhaps rather with the help of a vibrator just for this purpose.

What she can do for herself: The girl can also do something for herself! Tensing your muscles may also enhance orgasm. Squeeze the buttock muscles and / or thighs just before orgasm or, if the position allows, lifting the feet. Breathing high reinforces the whole further and make your partner even more excited. 🙂

What he can do for himself: Last but not least, I do wonder what the guy can do to get in ecstasy? Sure, he can fix it himself and masturbate, but he can also try something new and let you take over power. Let yourselves be tied, guys the girls will certainly at one or the other as she would like to try on you! Yes that’s right, and a little orgasm training probably can not hurt .

And another little sex tips have you ever tried to keep his ears just before he comes? By spontaneously turn off this mind, he will certainly concentrate more on the actual orgasm!

Do you have more good orgasm tips on stock? We look forward to hearing about them! 🙂

Girls, when you have the urge to yourselves

Kvinnlig onani When that girl has sex drive and there is no guy around so you can arrange it yourself. One or another ask themselves safely – how? Well, there are a lot of masturbation postures and finger techniques that girl just have to try on! 🙂

If we start with the racks. Basic Situation: You put you on the back and caress you where it’s nice. For example, start with the breasts, caressing the areola to the nipple that is now massaged. Then wander hand slowly down to blygden and pamper your clit with circular movements.
You notice pretty quickly see where that gets you in ecstasy. If that is not enough, you can take one or two fingers and sliding them into the vagina. We are all different. Clit, clitoris, vagina, and both … try simply! 🙂
Of course you can vary your position – put a pillow under your butt or add your page as in the spoon position. Or do you do that when you are squatting when you sit or stand. The main thing it’s convenient and you will reach it you should.

So, now that you have decided on what position you prefer, we will now turn to the different finger techniques
In an indirect massage, you take your index and middle finger and takes her clit between them. Take a good grip on her clit and now you can start with the massage. You can touch you, and your fingers as you want, increase the pressure and even pull her clit a little upwards. For all of you who like multitasking, I have a multigrip. But beware, this technique can lead to a passionate, but quick orgasm. How many fingers you choose to use, you decide thumb, fingers, or both? The vagina and the clitoris is stimulated incredibly through the massage and the introduction of the fingers. You‘ll quickly discover what you like.
Dyktekniken: A technique with one, two, five or more fingers. Insert your fingers into the vagina and let them disappear rhythmically in and out of the vagina. Vary the pace from slow to fast. Shortly before the orgasm comes on you, I recommend keeping your fingers inside for a brief moment and then pull them out.
One to finger tip – lip grip. This technique involves you holding the labia apart with your index and little ginger and rub her clit with the middle and ring finger. If you need more pressure, so you can take your other hand to help.

Those who have the desire to stimulate herself with the aforementioned finger techniques and / or shower handle so I recommend the following SPA therapy.
SPA treatment in the bathtub: Before filling up the tub with water, put you in the tub first and let the water jets hit your body. The beam can now massaging your breasts, stomach and intimate zones. Stay down and enjoy it. When the tub is now filled with water, you take the shower handle and place it between your thighs so that the beam reaches the clitoris and vagina, mmmmhhh ….

Of course, such a showermassage possible even under the shower while sitting, standing squatting or standing up: adjust the water jet power as you need it. Keep the shower handle in front of the vagina and driving on the free hand. 😉

Have it now so nice and always think of that when it comes to masturbation so desperately need no self-control! 😉

How to take your own erotic pictures

Att ta egna, erotiska fotografier To take their own erotic photographs Paying a real photographer to take erotic photographs can have their pros and cons. Of course , it is often better quality if you let a professional do it. But this also has its price , and you should not have any inhibitions to take off her clothes in front of a stranger . Then it might be hard to look relaxed in the pictures.

Therefore, we have a few tips how you can do it all at home . And also saves you the expensive paper copies and your pictures must not be seen by a lot of foreign people . Yes, what is now needed for a private shooting ?

A helping hand ? If you do not have a self -timer, and know a person that you can trust so it can become more active and dynamic images . A helping hand can also work more angles than if you have your camera on a tripod , the perspectives vary and the person can give advice on what poses that might work well .

Pose ! Check on the internet, where you can get a lot of inspiration. Stylish accessories and sexy lingerie you need not look far for – they find you here with us : Click Here ! Anyone who has trouble getting a good facial expression can avoid looking into the camera, so may the photographs a mysterious touch, and this can cause it to become intimately . A little make-up makes it all the better , the strong reddening , it is better to use a camouflage make up, this covers better than a concealer and does not run / smudge so quickly. Avoid ugly make-up stripes on the neck and cheek ! To give your face a natural shine so use a little translucent powder – even guys can powder a bit , if your face shine as it can ruin the otherwise good image.

Backdrop : With a bookcase or drying place in the background disappears photography erotic charisma directly . Remove anything that you do not want to appear. Maybe you have a sheet in a stylish color or if you have a nice tile on the wall ? Unless it is so then a white light of the type of fiber wallpaper perfectly ok !

Light : Depending on which camera you have so light must sue . Some digital cameras do not work at all if it is too dark . Therefore , you should probably try some in the room where the light is best in. Should it be a little semi-dark so you can work with lights that are obscured and candles. Cameras with built-in flash , you should , however, avoid the lightning distributed ‘s not in the room but “hits” model frontally . An indirect lightning is therefore better , on some cameras can twist and turn the flash to hit precisely where you want, this would be an additional option . Anyone who is willing to invest a little in the right equipment can acquire small flash -set . A sheet in the background can be like a kind of reflector and lighten the image. Anyone who wants pros to it properly can inform themselves about to Hire flash facilities nearby. These provide very good light when it comes to indoor shooting .

Camera: Not everyone has an SLR camera , but maybe you know someone who has one ? These are suitable namely the best and it becomes almost like a pro audio equipment . If you have an expensive digital camera , you get a bit more testing . Are you supposed to take pictures with the self timer so it’s good if you have a tripod. Is it a friend to take pictures , it’s a he or she must have a gentle hand . The person renting equipment could ask if there is a bridge or SLR, these are very well suited to this kind of images .

Lens: Photographs you with interchangeable lenses ( SLR ) then you should avoid a wide-angle , this could cause an image to be distorted . According to the pros is a bright ( with a focal length of 80 to 135 mm ) the best .

It’s very easy to put together several hundred pictures during such a shooting , and one should take the time to see and discuss which images become the best. It’s easiest to see them on the computer and you can then process them slightly with an image processing program to provide images that extra edge .

What is the Italian sex method?

italian sex methondsPizza, pasta and amore ! Italians ‘re known for their passion and sensuality. An Italian man plugged often associated with temperament and Italian women with a boiling passion – but the Italians can do much more than that … At least when it comes to a sex technical has been called after them.
To roll on a condom is an important thing! And sometimes there is a hot , long-awaited sex act a smidgen annoying and a bit oerotiskt when it becomes an improper ” wait” when to slip on a condom.

Would not it be better if this short phase became a little more erotic , then you can make use of the Italian method – here namely rolled the condom on with your mouth. A great feeling for men who like oral sex , and it’s incredibly sexy when the girl can.
To make it even more enjoyable for the girl to engage especially condoms with aromatherapy .

And this is how the Italian method :
– Take out a condom from the package and place it in the drop position with reservoir standing up – so it looks like a hat with a brim .
– Pull back the foreskin of the limb
– Take the condom reservoir between your lips ( NOT between TEETH : A hole in the rubber were anything but sexy! ) , So that the air squeezed out.
– Slip the condom over the penis head with the help of the lips.
– When you come across acorn wreath so you can roll the condom on with your mouth or help with the hand.

You will certainly need to practice this a bit. If you like a surprise partner must acquire some bananas or cucumbers and a couple of condoms for a “secret training ” .

Although some of you are probably thinking , ” Tsk … sex with rubber is something I do not want to get involved with ,” keep in mind that it will protect you against the ( gender ) diseases and an unwanted pregnancy !
It is also important that the condom fits well. Too large or too small condom is not exactly comfortable.
Anyone who says you can not feel anything when using a condom , should gain a few extra impassioned condoms. Then it works even when the cap is on! 😉

Sex at work – good or bad?

sex at work - iomojoDuring a girls’ night out recently mentioned a friend of mine that she has best sex – with one of her colleagues. It was formed directly two sides: for and against. A couple of the girls probably thought this was not such a good idea and said that it would surely repent, so were the other good nosy and wanted to know all sorts of details …

How is it when it comes to “Sex at work with colleagues”? In normal circumstances the job rather a stressor that can not directly get the urge to, but why should you not take the opportunity to boss sexy secretary or the tasty junior manager?
Outside, the temperature rises and even at work, you can now see more and more bare skin (of course depending on what industry you work in). In my imagination, it does work colleagues or boss is a big part of many. But is it ok to take for himself the sexual tension in the copy room to grab a quickie? Or is it just a problem?

Where is it best to have sex at home?

Where in your home do you have the most sex ? Yes, in bed ! Though there are several other options that are worth mentioning.

What if he wakes up in the morning with his legendary morning stalls and she is in the shower. Then , quickly into the shower with you, guys ! He presses you against the wall , lifting you up slowly , she keeps on his hips with his legs and … now it started … But caution! It is the right content in the shower or tub !

Or he comes home one evening. She bends down to take out the dirty sports clothes from the washing machine and when he sees her butt is done for. Kick off ! Put her on the washing machine and turn it on – preferably with dirty laundry in , it is environmentally friendly. Her ass should be on the washing machine edge and the man stands directly in front of the machine. She spreads her legs and keeps them around him , now the vibrating washing machine sex begin. It’s great if you’re done before the machine starts to spin – this is recommended for the more advanced among you. 😉

In the morning at breakfast or in the evening at supper – you meet at the table and there is still room left on the table? Now, no time lost, lifting her up , put her back on the table. Pull down her bottom edge of the table , taking up her legs on your shoulders , hold her in the butt and now you can see how it’s done. Or for those who do not want it as a hassle, bordssex a la ‘ doggy style : She lies with the upper body on the table and now you can pamper her from behind.

Who does not know that? Up in fotöljen and does not take that long before you are in dreamland. Even here there is a very nice sexställning that it pays to try . She sits astride him, support your knees to your armpits. He could see her eyes – now that he has woken up 😉 – have both hands free and can do what he wants …

And now when I think of how many opportunities there are in the staircase – stairs , lift , stair railing … Every place has a certain sexkick . But beware – we do not want anyone to have a problem with a ” disorderly conduct ” !

The longer, the better …. sex that is! the length is important – but now we’re not talking about man’s best friend, but if one of the fairest in the world, sex is! You are welcome to bring a little more time during intercourse for certain , one can discover the odd thing when you have sex. Girls usually need a little more warm . The right atmosphere , sensual stimulation , one’s own imagination – these are all factors that must match so that the girl can enjoy their own arousal . And this usually requires some time .

Although an occasional quickie can be exciting, so it is with sex as with food – the true enjoyment comes first when you get plenty of time , trying out a lot and enjoying with all senses. For girls , this is therefore not a problem , but rather a prerequisite. But what can you do when the desire becomes too large , and when it ends too soon ?

That a quickie can be exciting, as a prelude to a hot night match very well, even for girls – and maybe a little ” nerlugnande ” for the man. She enjoys the feeling of being desired and with the knowledge that there will be a second round there will be no pressure to come now – the female arousal built up slowly. The man can only take care of his own desires and afterwards – no, do not turn around and sleep 😉 he can concentrate fully on her sensual desires. Given the physiological grounds so delay the second round much longer . Then you will have enough time to explore each other and to stimulate the mind, try something new and in this way you create a lengthy , varied foreplay.

There are a couple of other sextricks you can use so that foreplay but also intercourse becomes longer. Avoid simply partner’s sensitive , erogenous zones and commit yourself to other body parts. Maybe you discover a completely different , new , erotic zones partner would never have suspected that he / she had. The honeymoon and shortly before ecstasy so you end and start a little later again – for example, with penis – clamp method. Another , slightly more complicated variant of this game is tantra sex is an erotic , Indian doctrine that seeks to increase sexets intensity exercises and self-control and delay ejaculation .

Anyone who wants to wait a few seconds before orgasm so that you can come together , it can of course take an old wisdom and simply think about something else entirely. 😉