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How does one actually good in bed?

16_bra-i-sängen-1160x655-1160x6551. For most women, it is an incredibly erotic feeling to feel coveted and desirable. This often underestimated. For it is unfortunately the case that many women consciously and unconsciously struggling with problem areas, and more. This makes it not easy. If a man comes and takes her as she is, thus sweeping away all doubt she can really let it all and enjoy. Then she is also ready to give himself. And it can also mean an extra kick that he simply takes what he wants.

A question with many answers

It is actually a question that employ us. But not so much if we have good sex. When we accept it. Only when the sex is not as good or suddenly got worse as we begin to brood. Why it does not work anymore and what is it made? And then it could also be that the sex with the same partner is unbelievably good today and tomorrow is completely worthless. Or it was good before, and then it got worse and worse. Sometimes sex is better when we know each other a long time. And one and another one night stand becomes supernova that can finally let go of all inhibitions. And now we ask ourselves, what really “good in bed”? The answers to this question are very different. These I got in my little survey:

“When I get an orgasm.”
“Anatomical basic knowledge should be.”
“That you know what the other wants, and that you do not have to say anything or ask.”
“Before you become good in bed you should master the basic techniques.”
“Good sex is always dependent on the love and feelings for each other. Sex without emotion can not be any good sex. ”
“I get very excited about, I think he smells good.”
Become coveted and release all

A recipe for great sex is not the case. For this, the views too different. My experience is that it is primarily the two components that make you great lover and that drives you into a spiral of lust.

1. For most women, it is an incredibly erotic feeling to feel coveted and desirable. This often underestimated. For it is unfortunately the case that many women consciously and unconsciously struggling with problem areas, and more. This makes it not easy. If a man comes and takes her as she is, thus sweeping away all doubt she can really let it all and enjoy. Then she is also ready to give himself. And it can also mean an extra kick that he simply takes what he wants.

2. Most men get very excited when they notice that the partner unleashes and enjoying sex. For them it’s almost an aphrodisiac when the partner is not there as a board in bed and just let things happen, but also actively with. Then she was happy to take “the reins in his hand” and “reckless” to take what she wants. He is more than happy with this!

So difficult, it is not. And this positive but still vicious circle works even for short adventures. On the other hand, loses couples in long relationships this åtråhet and then the sex of duty. Especially women lose the desire quickly. Both the man and the woman wants to listen to them and are interested in what they want in bed. A technical perfection is all very well, but just not enough. It strikes no sparks if the woman did not mean it, or when the man only feels tolerated. But on the other hand, you can feel so coveted as possible. When the others did not know what buttons he or she should push, pull, tickle, lick or suck on so it is not enough åtråhet. We need to get a good mix of anatomical knowledge, to master the different sexual techniques, a good feel for the needs of others and a willingness to talk about desires and fantasies. We need the will and the ability to unleash. Then we’re good in bed!

No danger of heart attacks during intercourse!

What a beautiful way to go, indeed: to fall off the pin in the middle of a sexual intercourse – there are many who dream of dying in this way. Thus, when in any case have to die then it is surely better to do so than to die alone in bed or bloody after a car accident. In any case, if the man has sex with is not an aberration and that girlfriend you have long been involved with will be hurt the rest of her life. But wait, why, I assume that there is a man walking henceforth in the sweetest moment of them all? Well, because men in the ratio 3: 1 very often suffer a heart attack than women. And because the image of an elderly man collapses of a young naked mistress is familiar from the movies. In which movie was what I had seen this? I will not right now, maybe some of you know that? But the fact is that sex increases the risk of a heart attack?

Investigations are clearing away prejudices
Nope, nothing to worry about. The risk of suffering a myocardial infarction during intercourse is fairly small. And healthy men need not worry at all. “Blood pressure and heart rate increases during endurance sports, which is known as the most healthy form of sport,” says sexologist Kurt Seikowski. Sex instead of jogging, I like that! As for concerns about a heart attack so it is designed for those who have already suffered a heart attack. For too long there was a prejudice counseled to abstain from sex after a heart attack, not to expose themselves to additional risk.

According to a study published in the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” so does not heart attack risk sexual activities. But a prejudice remains the only live as long as nobody talks about it. And according to a study at the University of Chicago has just 12% of women and 19% of the men talked about their sexual activities with their doctor. If it even was talk they got a recommendation to take it slow and might prefer to take the passive role. And let’s be honest, how fun is it to six if you always have to concentrate on the heart rate? On the contrary, physicians should instead notify their patients to physical and even sexual activity is OK, says study author Stacey Tessler Lindau. Then disappear fear and this is more gentle to the heart.

But on the other hand, erectile dysfunction in older men may be an early warning of a future heart attack. Erection difficulties can be a sign of a heart disease.

Love for well-being
Sex is therefore good for health – thumbs up for the loss. And therefore there are also medical recommendations for positions that make intercourse easier if you have it a little harder physically. It’s maybe good but who knows me knows that I now lift the forefinger; six’re much more than a sex !!! For it is not the one that increases quality of life and makes people happy. It is the intimate contact with the people we love. It is our need for acceptance, proximity and security assuaged by this proximity. Just in older people where sexual intercourse may become more unimportant. The tenderness and my favored prelude will be much happier!

Does girls have a penis envy?

It comes from Sigmund Freud the concept penis envy! According to Freud experiencing a woman penis envy over the stage in her psycho sexual development when she discovers that she’s missing a limb: a penis. Of his theses so this is the most famous, but also one of his most controversial theses.

Well, I’ve thought about it a little
Since I can remember is that the penis. As a child thinks, well maybe not too much on it. But as you get older, you will notice that the penis more and more. For example, when you sat in the paddling pool with a neighbor boy. The mothers sat a few feet away and thought we were soooo cute when we splashed around and began to make plans for the future for the two of us.
But I was then incredibly jealous because I had a clitoris and the boy a penis? I was disappointed that I did not also had such a thing between my legs? Well, I actually do not mind it but can not imagine it! Something, however, I remember is that I was standing with his pants down in front of a wall and wanted to mark my territory with a high arch but it did not at all! : -o
At that time my today‘s most eye-catching genital, breast, yet hidden. My genitals, vagina & co. I had not the faintest idea how these would be used – unlike today! ;-) Yes, of course we asked ourselves what this would be good for why boys have a penis, and we do this? But we were then envious of the guys? We felt so much more inferior, that we had to suffer from penis envy whole life? Oh, girls and boys differ. But no: girls, now you have everything got everything for a bit! But still there was a time when I envied my brother. He was younger than me and had to do more stuff. Much more. He was out with his friends, he needed first to get home early in the morning. My time was limited to midnight and not a second longer! And why? Since I did not have a penis, without a vagina. How many of you had that? And what happened? Well, it was well that you do not always told the truth. Lie researcher Peter Stiegnitz made the year 2000 a study and what came up was that women make their own lives easier through lies and men do things possible through lies. Although now some of you are thinking of the woman‘s lie, the fake orgasm“, so I ask myself: who is it now is to blame ?! The penis ?! Fixed by the way, guys do it too: how best guys faking an orgasm. Hmm, we let it be so, and we can say that in this way the loop is closed.
But we have not yet sorted out the problems with jealousy. There are certainly people who do not feel comfortable in their own skin and with their own genitals, but this is a more sensitive and much more complex issue than the pure jealousy on the penis.
Have I ever compared the length of my clitoris with others? Non! Have any of you ever seen a girl who lost in thought playing with her genitals? Non! But take now the guys at the gas station, in the pub or where it now stands some people, they can see how they are absorbed in thoughts take the shortest route from his trouser pocket to “the best friend” and how they are sooo excited by what they found. With us girls would not work at all, trouser pocket must then sit some more downhill. As always with us girls, we are more profound in all that we do. Whose fault is it? 😉
What really interests us girls, is how guys think it is to penetrate us. We know just how it feels to take Emor you! What is it? What sends penis signals to the brain? Mmmmhhh, this feels good, quite openly here, everything slides. Or is it what the heck? The main thing is to get in? This, I would like to know, but not for me for decades has had a trauma because I do not have a penis. No, simply to know how it feels to penetrate to leave little trace. For it makes you, guys always leaves traces behind, more tracks than we girls. In extreme caseswe leave a wet trickle, nothing else! You leave much, much more! And it is true that women have a feeling that this is precisely what makes you happy and that makes you think that everyone wants such a “thing”. I only say: forget it!

Are we jealous of your penis? From me there an obvious NO! Except for one thing: you do not have these mile-long toilet lines! 😉

Knowing Porn – Slang expression

porn wordsIn the porn world or to take it more generally in the erotic world there are many technical terms” that an amateur does not know what they mean, or let those heeelt something else. So you‘ll have a little more idea to come so I have here a small list of words or abbreviations that you may encounter during sex. Remember these so you can impress a little extra next time you talk about sex with your partner or with friends. 😉

Altporn: It sounds like sex with older people? Wrong! Altporn is a concept of Alternative Porno“. It can be an actor with disheveled braids, wild tattoos and a lot of piercings that reflect alternative people in subcultures and thus exudes a different lifestyle. More synonyms Altporn is: “Alternaporn” or simply the “alt”. Indiporn” can also be a term for this kind of genre.

Anilingus: As you can almost hear so is the word composed of anal” and “lingus”. It means type heavy anal“. The area around the anus is caressed with his tongue and mouth and tongue can also disappear into. In everyday speech, it’s “rimming” and “rhyme”. Here you can read more about this sexpraktik.

Booty Call: This describes when you call and want an erotic date. The English word Booty” even has two meanings that fits incredibly well, namely “byte” and rump.”

Bubblegum: Well, and what can this be? What can chewing gum have to do with porn and erotica? Yes, now you have the us and now you will learn that it is NOT all about a movie with chewing gum but a rosy vagina. The concept of man nowadays uses when a photographer takes a detailed picture of the female organ is called Pink Shot.

Porn industry slang means simply sperm. Cumshot describes cumshots.

Digitatio: Sounds complicated, but it is not! Fiddle and fumble, we can well everybody, right? Digitatio translated means “finger“, and describes how the fingers are used during foreplay. Without digitatio so it would have been very boring, what do you say? 😉

Feminist Porn: This is about pornographic movies made by girls for girls and couples aesthetic and with action. A top 5 list matching to this topic can be found here!

Fisting: A concept that has become widely known in recent years. For all of you who do not yet know what it is going now a little explanation: Fist” is the English word for fist entering full or partial anally or vaginally. Anal may fistas in men and women.

Gangbang: It should probably most people know what it is – but anyway a gang bang is a sex orgy where men are in the majority. A girl thus has sex with different people and engaged in several guys at once.

Girl and girl: That would explain almost itself – it’s porn films with two or more girls.

Gonzo: In a Gonzo film‘s director, respectively. cameraman with what’s happening. What can the audience see and he gives directions, is on dialogues and may even be on the sexual activities. This kind of filming is often used when it comes to movies that do not have any special action. This style should be porn actress and porn director John Stagliano have invented. And now that we’re at the time – would you come across the term POV (Point of view) so it means a different kind of Gonzo. Here, actress a camera body and one can see from the man’s point of view how he fucks the girl. It sort of feels as if one is in the middle of everything. 😉

Hardcore: This is a concept that most people have heard before. But what does it really mean? Hard” means “hard” and “Core” means “center” or “inner”. When you then see a movie as it is hardcore as it is clear that it sees the hard core or hard interior. There are detailed photos and scenes where it goes wild for … and they get going right away. With very precise and unmistakable physical details

Met-Art: This is an abbreviation of “most erotic teen art” and describes the photo and / or video art with young models who have reached the legal minimum age for such activities.

Do you know more conceptual? Please write them in the comment field! : D

Dirty Talk – arousing smalltalk or a turn-off babbling?

Dirty Talk “Dirty Talk” describes the talk between two people using sexy, vulgar or bodily words to increase their sexual desire.

Important is how these words are pronounced. To make it sound a bit raw and exciting it must come naturally. It takes practice and courage. A lot of inspiration can be obtained for example from different erotic audiobooks. Those who have mastered this with dirty talk can use direct words whispered directly into your ear, and it is also ok to use lighter profanity with mild aggressive voice.

The word “penis” is changed to “cock” the word “vagina” is changed to “pussy” and so on. Do you then your body in line with the voice, so can certain words have a special erotic and arousing effect. 😀 With the various ordkombinationerna so attracts you then forward the wildest fantasies of sex partner – and their own fantasies will simultaneously be acknowledged. 😉 You get a chance to say things that you would neeeeeeeever said otherwise. Though it is important not to reveal all the erotic fantasies you have … or what do you say? 😉

Now I would like to know what you think about this? Is dirty talk someone you get excited and something that enriches your sex life or not?