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What is the squeeze method

Symbolfoto - squeeze-metodenThis particular method is used during sexual intercourse to prevent the guy comes too early. In this way, the Act extended considerably. However, the method requires the squeeze some patience. πŸ™‚ What is this for a method? Well, ejaculation reflex disturbed by a soft pressing and ejaculation prevented respectively. delayed.

Step 1: To make it as easy for you as possible so should the guy lying on your back and spread your legs. The partner kneels with her ​​legs spread over one of his thighs, or kneels next to him so that she successfully reaches his penis and so she can see him. Now she begins to caress and massage the limb (preferably with a little lube) so that it becomes erect. The guy should relax as much as possible and enjoy the massage penis until he almost comes. When he feels that “it’s on the wayso he gives her a agree upon mark and now use the squeeze method. She then pinches together his penis in 4-6 seconds. She puts her thumb on the bottom of the glans, and two additional fingers (ring and the middle finger) above and below where the glans is separated from the shaft of the penis. The index finger is placed on the glans of the page. If the pressure becomes too strong or painful, you can obviously shorten the time [it is always better if it’s soft and not too hard! We do not want his best friend gets hurt!] So that the effect can still be achieved, you have to then push a little further, about 8-15 seconds. The penis becomes slack again and the erection disappears but the guy ejaculates. These “dry exercisescan be repeated as often as both have the desire. One should at least have tried it three to four times to go ahead with step 2.

At step 2, you start as in the previous exercise. The small but significant difference is that after the use of the squeeze method turns to him and insert the floppy limb in her vagina. The guy is still passive on the back and then begins to slowly move up and down. The penis will thus become erect again. Shortly before he comes so pulled the penis out again and she prevents him from going with his hands.
Although this exercise should be repeated several times. When using the “sit” and everything is working as it should so the girl should get a feeling when it’s time to use the squeeze method, and repeat it without his character.
First time you should test the method in the specified position, but since then you can of course also try other positions. However, it is important that the girl respectively. the active partner takes over the press making. In the longer term, so you should probably notice that the guy does not come too soon unless it’s just to practice on.

As I’ve mentioned so requires the squeeze method, some practice and patience. But do not give up! I wish you anyway great success! πŸ˜€

Fifty Shades of Grey – the first official trailer for the film

FINALLY! Now a part of EL James written words from BDSM bestseller in image and tone it is the first foretaste of the film in a 131 seconds long trailer. “Wow”, I say! : D

Slowly so give the creators of “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie on promotional tour. On Friday, it was shown for the first time. The first trailer for the Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan how those Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey hit the first time. And a lot of computers, smartphones and tablets are red-hot
Though it tarry, first on Valentine’s Day 2015 film shown at cinemas around the country. But fuck it! He who waits for something good … Here is the now the first official trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey“:

Sex in the car

Symbolbild - sex i bilenNow it’s time again, it‘s almost weekend and it is full speed on the roads. Solar cars everywhere It is true that then comes on a little strange ideas: count the number of red cars, guess branding or playing AZ or how it would be to press in the entire travel the supplies?

But would not it be fun to utilize the time to move a little more? For example, having sex in the car or at a picnic site? But what is the best position? Here are a few tips for the position of the car.
But beware! Always remember to set the parking brake firmly and in gear, otherwise it could be really embarrassing! And you will be discovered can get it all to an abrupt end and you even risk being reported to the police because of unruly behavior. But on the other hand, it is not just what is high?!? πŸ˜‰

Orgasm tips for her & him

Sometimes it tingles just a little and we think, “Oh,was that all ?!” and some times we just want to shout out, “Hallelujah!” The orgasm, the beautiful ending to intercourse!
But how can we really be sure that there will be more Hallelujah” than “Oh, was that all ?!”?
Here I have put together a couple of sexual techniques for him and her:

What she can do for him: Girls, you can massage his ass cheeks rhythmically and so to say pull them apart, by the stimulating feelings of the anus as his orgasm can be much more intense. During oral sex, but also during intercourse may scrotum caressed, massaged or pulled easily, perhaps even using nails. That it is you who is in charge of balls” makes sure that he gets twice as horny! πŸ˜‰

What he can do for her: What sexual techniques can man use to get the woman in ecstasy?
Tried and tested agents could be cunnilingus or / and to find the G-spot (a long and nice foreplay with caressing should of course not be forgotten). If he knows where her G-spot is, then he has only really find out if this item is better to stimulate with the fingers or perhaps rather with the help of a vibrator just for this purpose.

What she can do for herself: The girl can also do something for herself! Tensing your muscles may also enhance orgasm. Squeeze the buttock muscles and / or thighs just before orgasm or, if the position allows, lifting the feet. Breathing high reinforces the whole further and make your partner even more excited. πŸ™‚

What he can do for himself: Last but not least, I do wonder what the guy can do to get in ecstasy? Sure, he can fix it himself and masturbate, but he can also try something new and let you take over power. Let yourselves be tied, guys the girls will certainly at one or the other as she would like to try on you! Yes that’s right, and a little orgasm training probably can not hurt .

And another little sex tips have you ever tried to keep his ears just before he comes? By spontaneously turn off this mind, he will certainly concentrate more on the actual orgasm!

Do you have more good orgasm tips on stock? We look forward to hearing about them! πŸ™‚

Girls, when you have the urge to yourselves

Kvinnlig onani When that girl has sex drive and there is no guy around so you can arrange it yourself. One or another ask themselves safely – how? Well, there are a lot of masturbation postures and finger techniques that girl just have to try on! πŸ™‚

If we start with the racks. Basic Situation: You put you on the back and caress you where it’s nice. For example, start with the breasts, caressing the areola to the nipple that is now massaged. Then wander hand slowly down to blygden and pamper your clit with circular movements.
You notice pretty quickly see where that gets you in ecstasy. If that is not enough, you can take one or two fingers and sliding them into the vagina. We are all different. Clit, clitoris, vagina, and both … try simply! πŸ™‚
Of course you can vary your position – put a pillow under your butt or add your page as in the spoon position. Or do you do that when you are squatting when you sit or stand. The main thing it’s convenient and you will reach it you should.

So, now that you have decided on what position you prefer, we will now turn to the different finger techniques
In an indirect massage, you take your index and middle finger and takes her clit between them. Take a good grip on her clit and now you can start with the massage. You can touch you, and your fingers as you want, increase the pressure and even pull her clit a little upwards. For all of you who like multitasking, I have a multigrip. But beware, this technique can lead to a passionate, but quick orgasm. How many fingers you choose to use, you decide thumb, fingers, or both? The vagina and the clitoris is stimulated incredibly through the massage and the introduction of the fingers. You‘ll quickly discover what you like.
Dyktekniken: A technique with one, two, five or more fingers. Insert your fingers into the vagina and let them disappear rhythmically in and out of the vagina. Vary the pace from slow to fast. Shortly before the orgasm comes on you, I recommend keeping your fingers inside for a brief moment and then pull them out.
One to finger tip – lip grip. This technique involves you holding the labia apart with your index and little ginger and rub her clit with the middle and ring finger. If you need more pressure, so you can take your other hand to help.

Those who have the desire to stimulate herself with the aforementioned finger techniques and / or shower handle so I recommend the following SPA therapy.
SPA treatment in the bathtub: Before filling up the tub with water, put you in the tub first and let the water jets hit your body. The beam can now massaging your breasts, stomach and intimate zones. Stay down and enjoy it. When the tub is now filled with water, you take the shower handle and place it between your thighs so that the beam reaches the clitoris and vagina, mmmmhhh ….

Of course, such a showermassage possible even under the shower while sitting, standing squatting or standing up: adjust the water jet power as you need it. Keep the shower handle in front of the vagina and driving on the free hand. πŸ˜‰

Have it now so nice and always think of that when it comes to masturbation so desperately need no self-control! πŸ˜‰

Sports activities without clothes

Working out makes youΒ well mostly to stay in shape, to strengthen the body and to get fitter. And sooner or later you start to sweat. It’s also what‘s the point. But now do not like to walk around in sweaty clothes should find a new thing how would it be to train without clothes? Nude Sport must not just be something for all naturists among us. : D


For anyone interested, I now have a small overview of sports that one more or less good – can exercise naked:

Whoever thought this relaxing sport was just a short trend, it was so wrong so! For some, Yoga is an incredibly important part of the day. The quiet movements Peppas up even more if they practiced naked and it looks the incredibly good! At naked yoga stimulates all the senses! How this could be like showing you the video with the sexy model Luba Shumeyko. She allowed themselves to be photographed by her husband, erotic photographer Petter Hegre.

It takes two scantily clad girls or guys, a lacquer sheets or an inflatable paddling pool, a little mud or oil and get going! Now it’s not important really muscular power, it is rather an easy kivande and it is not only interesting for the spectators. This wrestling version is called logically enough erotic-wrestling.

To kick the ball without clothes can be really fun. The girl let their own balls swing, just as mother nature has created her (or uncle doctor;-)). And for the gentlemen that is certainly a special charm to run a free kick naked, right? You can certainly find a remote place for naked football otherwise so test it on the nude beach.

Something that is not that difficult and can be practiced along with many naked hike. Even with a group hiking is possible so that God created us.” Anyone who likes more tempo should attempt the nude running or jogging naked as in the video below.

Winter sports luge / snowboarding / skiing:
Nude in the snow? Can it really be a good idea? Jajemen! In Germany there is an “Internationally nude lugewhich is incredible popular. But yes, it is good to also ski and snowboard when you are naked. Look here!

(Inline) skating:
Nude Skating suited warmer days when you can take the opportunity to get a cool breeze from the wind. Even if you are completely naked, then you should not forget the knee pads

Nude surfing, naked cyclists, nude golfing, riding naked. Is darts and chess also a sport anyway? πŸ˜‰ This list of different sports can be infinitely long, all that one can do with clothes, one can also do without. The only thing that might be a little difficult is to find the right environment to their naked activities! Fortunately, there is the mattress gymnastics! πŸ˜‰

Knowing Porn – Slang expression

porn wordsIn the porn world or to take it more generally in the erotic world there are many technical terms” that an amateur does not know what they mean, or let those heeelt something else. So you‘ll have a little more idea to come so I have here a small list of words or abbreviations that you may encounter during sex. Remember these so you can impress a little extra next time you talk about sex with your partner or with friends. πŸ˜‰

Altporn: It sounds like sex with older people? Wrong! Altporn is a concept of Alternative Porno“. It can be an actor with disheveled braids, wild tattoos and a lot of piercings that reflect alternative people in subcultures and thus exudes a different lifestyle. More synonyms Altporn is: “Alternaporn” or simply the “alt”. Indiporn” can also be a term for this kind of genre.

Anilingus: As you can almost hear so is the word composed of anal” and “lingus”. It means type heavy anal“. The area around the anus is caressed with his tongue and mouth and tongue can also disappear into. In everyday speech, it’s “rimming” and “rhyme”. Here you can read more about this sexpraktik.

Booty Call: This describes when you call and want an erotic date. The English word Booty” even has two meanings that fits incredibly well, namely “byte” and rump.”

Bubblegum: Well, and what can this be? What can chewing gum have to do with porn and erotica? Yes, now you have the us and now you will learn that it is NOT all about a movie with chewing gum but a rosy vagina. The concept of man nowadays uses when a photographer takes a detailed picture of the female organ is called Pink Shot.

Porn industry slang means simply sperm. Cumshot describes cumshots.

Digitatio: Sounds complicated, but it is not! Fiddle and fumble, we can well everybody, right? Digitatio translated means “finger“, and describes how the fingers are used during foreplay. Without digitatio so it would have been very boring, what do you say? πŸ˜‰

Feminist Porn: This is about pornographic movies made by girls for girls and couples aesthetic and with action. A top 5 list matching to this topic can be found here!

Fisting: A concept that has become widely known in recent years. For all of you who do not yet know what it is going now a little explanation: Fist” is the English word for fist entering full or partial anally or vaginally. Anal may fistas in men and women.

Gangbang: It should probably most people know what it is – but anyway a gang bang is a sex orgy where men are in the majority. A girl thus has sex with different people and engaged in several guys at once.

Girl and girl: That would explain almost itself – it’s porn films with two or more girls.

Gonzo: In a Gonzo film‘s director, respectively. cameraman with what’s happening. What can the audience see and he gives directions, is on dialogues and may even be on the sexual activities. This kind of filming is often used when it comes to movies that do not have any special action. This style should be porn actress and porn director John Stagliano have invented. And now that we’re at the time – would you come across the term POV (Point of view) so it means a different kind of Gonzo. Here, actress a camera body and one can see from the man’s point of view how he fucks the girl. It sort of feels as if one is in the middle of everything. πŸ˜‰

Hardcore: This is a concept that most people have heard before. But what does it really mean? Hard” means “hard” and “Core” means “center” or “inner”. When you then see a movie as it is hardcore as it is clear that it sees the hard core or hard interior. There are detailed photos and scenes where it goes wild for … and they get going right away. With very precise and unmistakable physical details

Met-Art: This is an abbreviation of “most erotic teen art” and describes the photo and / or video art with young models who have reached the legal minimum age for such activities.

Do you know more conceptual? Please write them in the comment field! : D

The First Kiss – different springfeelings

Par som kysser varandraThe first kiss. An unforgettable experience. But it remains of course not the first .. If not now, of course kissing one man in her life. Has now had several kissing partner one can certainly experience the “first kiss” several times – then only with a new one. And is not it exciting when you do not know her or him inside and outside! πŸ˜‰ But imagine now that you are going to kiss someone like you at all do not know. You do not even know what his name is …

This was precisely the participants in the following clip with. The clip, which spread like wildfire online, called “First Kiss” and is made ​​of Tatia Pllieva. In a short time, the video has been seen incredible 37 million times! And what is this for a video? Well, 20 people have asked if they can not kiss in front of the camera. Among other things, it was couples with larger age difference and same-sex couples. On some notice that this kind of kissing might be a bit borderline. But as soon as her lips are touching, you will see that the passion takes over – for a small little moments you can almost hear the butterflies in their stomachs. πŸ˜€

Sweet temptations …

Sexy candyWhen it comes to candy and sweets so will most people weak and stops avidly itself the sweet sins. It licked, sucked, smaskas and stΓΆnas pleasurably. Wait a minute, that sounds almost like sex – and no wonder, I say then, to eat sweets can be incredibly erotic. You men can certainly confirm this, for any guy, no dirty thoughts when a girl eating an ice cream melting in the sun, and when she tries to lick up the last drops. Licking a lollipop cause avsugningsfantasies and really dirty it will be if you take small pieces of candy in penis shape as the brave girls can have that ring on your finger and use at the right moment.

Broadly speaking, one can really transform your entire body into a single, erotic candy department HE and SHE. We have the classic spray cream that slowly melts on the skin, or chocolate sauce, which you can paint arrows on the body to show which path to take. Or let us take the ice cream again, cold ice cream that slowly drains your body is perfect for beautiful temperaturslekar.Kommer you remember the tingling sensation of having effervescent powder on your tongue? With the powder, adults can find completely different uses! : D You can, for example moisturize sensitive body parts with tongue and sprinkle the powder – it tingles on your skin and when you lick it off. Even sweet, sparkling wine with strawberry peach or elderberry flavor that runs on the body and collected in small valleys, tickles beautiful on the body and tunga.Men one must not resort to wine and champagne, even with fresh fruits and berries can be really nasty. Those who prefer to have something to nibble on, there edible underwear. Well this is nothing new and pretty boring,” says sure many of you now, but with a little creativity, you can pep up this classic. The key word is: home made​​! Wood raspberries or small strawberries on a string and make a string or a tiny bikini by the string. The fruits and berries can you smart place right on the nipples or sex. How do you show where you ideally want to be kissed! πŸ˜‰
Even his “best friend” you can decorate. And girls, there’s a lot of candy that has holes in the middle that can sweeten a blowjob. One could use the monks, vingumminappar, pretzels or a homemade ring of sweet fruits – it’s just your imagination and creativity sets the limits. Now you can first lick on his cock head and sprinkle a sockertopping and now you can get started with sucking. I can almost bet that that kind of blow job becomes much longer and much more intense than usual. πŸ˜‰ Anyone who does not like it when it sticks so there body powder with a lot of flavors, including caramel and chocolate. Or we limit ourselves to feed each other with cakes and tarts. Then you can lick your fingers and disappear the crumbs into the deeper regions so I just had to look for them. πŸ˜‰

And a handy tip: honey or syrup‘re certainly good but it sticks like crazy and it gets too sweet. I can also recommend adding a varnish sheets on the bed if you have imagined it to grisas down really well. One might otherwise take it out in the garden or on a lonely, idyllic place in nature. Barbecue enthusiasts can produce ketchup bottle and barbecue sauce and arrange really lovely snuskerier. But beware of harsh ingredients that burn : o Massage Vibrator – Love Massage

Tense shoulders and a stiff neck are not exactly nice and it’s not always you have a couple of massaging going on there – then it’s good to have a classic dildo at hand .
And hey , there are certainly other beautiful opportunities to use this rod ! It is widely known that one and another woman not only use the wand on tense and stiff muscles . πŸ˜‰
Massagestaven "Love Massage" i ORIONΒ΄s onlineshop
Massage Wand “Love Massage ” in online shop
Because these kinds of vibrators are becoming more and more popular, so it ‘s now a smaller version that is easy to hide in every cabin and that fits perfectly in night stand . ORION dildo with the aptly named “Love Massage ” clearly has a feel-good factor – it is 19 cm long and the intense vibration is controlled continuously . Massage Wand has an extra large , ball-shaped tip that is flexible and easily adapted to any movement so that everyone desires points can be reached . How easy is it then to gain a little wellness into your everyday routine – alone or with a darling . πŸ˜€

Other dildos can be found here .