Anal sex – a big taboo?

Have you tried it? Yes? No? And if you have it, how was it? Phew? Or did it hurt? Never again? There is probably no sexual technique that polarizes as much as anal sex. Some think it is unbeatable and get shiny eyes only they think about it – especially men. Others think it hurts and say no right away – mostly women. And socially acceptable, it is well not – despite rhetoric about it in the media. But honestly, who really talking about this beauty that is in the “forbidden zone”? Therefore, it is very difficult to provide figures on how popular it is. But the tendency is clear: more and more couples try it and discovers a desire from both sides. Because it is so, you start right, you can actually enjoy anal sex be a really special experience. What must therefore be made so that this adventure will be nice and do not end up with a real torture?

Often it is the men who absolutely wants to try anal sex. Well, why is it so? What is it that’s so exciting to tuck the fingers, sex toys, tongue or penis in the partner’s butt? Well, because it is forbidden, it is crowded and it is intimately! And also very dirty!
Allows the girl that the guy touch her in her ass so it is a sign of great confidence and this gives man a feeling of being closer to the girl than during vaginal sex. While the girl is this kind of dedication something very special. This considering the physical aspect. Sphincter is narrow and it is what makes the Act particularly intense for the man. This area also has a lot of nerve fibers and thus it becomes a really erogenous zone and stimulated partner where it can provide a particularly intense feeling that even can give an orgasm. Yes, it is!
Preparing to it all bad however, it can make a lot of pain and it can make to the partner never want to try it. These conversations I’ve often. Curiosity is there, it is tested, goes awry and the matter is now out of the world. This happens especially when the partner can no longer think clearly and decide to stop the penis in the back without warning. Or that the penis ports where “accidentally”. But this should be reassuring, so it is important that in all cases the first time, follow a few simple rules:

1. Confidence is everything, and why you should get along before you get going. Particularly in the case the first time it is not appropriate with surprises. Anyone who (still) not ready, it should be clear with this. And no one has to be accepted!
2. You can start it all off with a loving massage to relax. It is good if you show her that she respected. Because that’s so, she feels safe and relaxed so it is more comfortable. And she is tense it will not be pleasant.
3. sphincter is a muscle that should be stretched gently. This is best if done with two circulating fingers or with a small sex toy. Use much lubricant! This is actually the alpha and omega Anus produces nothing own secretions and just that is often the problem when she complains that it hurts.
4. When she shows that she is ready for the next step, he can slowly inserting his penis and let the glans pulled back and forth. It works best if she lies on her stomach and has a pillow under your butt. Now he can penetrate her more easily. Although the idea is to avoid surprises! Thus makes it very slowly.
5. Would she rather have the check, so she can sit astride partner. In Woman on top so she can decide how far she will go and how deep the penis will encounter in the anus.
6. After the first time anal sex is extremely important to lie and cuddle! This reinforces the sense and it’s a sign of affection from both sides. For her, it can be very important to get some security right after this “dirty” sex play.

The more advanced can of course run started right away. And it can be quite uninhibited and wild. And certainly the case even for guys who want to be penetrated anally. If you turn on the (literally:-D), so it is interesting to see how many men there are who are deterred by what they take for granted that the partner should be on. A finger or a dildo in her ass will not do for a man, hetero, of course. But lucky for him, it’s not all girls who are eager to do it.

What else to think about then? Of course, the man or woman to clean the anus with an anal shower before. Some see this as a kind of foreplay and some become almost frightened by it. That’s a matter of taste! 😉 But I must say that this is not absolutely necessary because the stools are often much farther. But yes, in the rectum, there are bacteria and before you put the penis in the vagina again, you should wash it! And condoms protect not only the anus but also prevents penile infections.

The big question now is whether we think anal sex is “ok” so maybe we get rid of the erotic momentum. The more forbidden the more exciting! Then it’s with everything. What are your experiences with anal sex? Write to us!

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