A lot of sex for a long life!

Bättre sex tillsammansSex is fun – it’s a thing that is for sure. And that sex prolongs life was a long course, but it just needed to be proven first. This has now scientists from Britain succeeded. They have proven that more sex – especially in men – prolongs life significantly. Men who have sex three times a week on average live full 2 ​​years (! ) Longer than men who just do IT once a week . This rule applies although not at masturbation , without the “real” sexual arousal during lovemaking with at least one partner . 😉

And why do people live longer ? Well, when sexually aroused blood flows in the body faster , the whole body gets a better blood circulation and becomes , as it were ” purged ” . In this way it is prevented that calcium is stored and this in turn reduces the risks of dangerous diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. In addition, also has six another effect : endorphins ( happiness hormones ) are secreted and you simply become happy. 🙂

Overall, I can then just say : Sex is healthy. Away then with the bad bortförklaringarna , every day counts. Ideas and Tips for a comprehensive sex life can be found naturally here with us.

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