Anal sex – a big taboo?

Have you tried it? Yes? No? And if you have it, how was it? Phew? Or did it hurt? Never again? There is probably no sexual technique that polarizes as much as anal sex. Some think it is unbeatable and get shiny eyes only they think about it – especially men. Others think it hurts and say no right away – mostly women. And socially acceptable, it is well not – despite rhetoric about it in the media. But honestly, who really talking about this beauty that is in the “forbidden zone”? Therefore, it is very difficult to provide figures on how popular it is. But the tendency is clear: more and more couples try it and discovers a desire from both sides. Because it is so, you start right, you can actually enjoy anal sex be a really special experience. What must therefore be made so that this adventure will be nice and do not end up with a real torture?

Often it is the men who absolutely wants to try anal sex. Well, why is it so? What is it that’s so exciting to tuck the fingers, sex toys, tongue or penis in the partner’s butt? Well, because it is forbidden, it is crowded and it is intimately! And also very dirty!
Allows the girl that the guy touch her in her ass so it is a sign of great confidence and this gives man a feeling of being closer to the girl than during vaginal sex. While the girl is this kind of dedication something very special. This considering the physical aspect. Sphincter is narrow and it is what makes the Act particularly intense for the man. This area also has a lot of nerve fibers and thus it becomes a really erogenous zone and stimulated partner where it can provide a particularly intense feeling that even can give an orgasm. Yes, it is!
Preparing to it all bad however, it can make a lot of pain and it can make to the partner never want to try it. These conversations I’ve often. Curiosity is there, it is tested, goes awry and the matter is now out of the world. This happens especially when the partner can no longer think clearly and decide to stop the penis in the back without warning. Or that the penis ports where “accidentally”. But this should be reassuring, so it is important that in all cases the first time, follow a few simple rules:

1. Confidence is everything, and why you should get along before you get going. Particularly in the case the first time it is not appropriate with surprises. Anyone who (still) not ready, it should be clear with this. And no one has to be accepted!
2. You can start it all off with a loving massage to relax. It is good if you show her that she respected. Because that’s so, she feels safe and relaxed so it is more comfortable. And she is tense it will not be pleasant.
3. sphincter is a muscle that should be stretched gently. This is best if done with two circulating fingers or with a small sex toy. Use much lubricant! This is actually the alpha and omega Anus produces nothing own secretions and just that is often the problem when she complains that it hurts.
4. When she shows that she is ready for the next step, he can slowly inserting his penis and let the glans pulled back and forth. It works best if she lies on her stomach and has a pillow under your butt. Now he can penetrate her more easily. Although the idea is to avoid surprises! Thus makes it very slowly.
5. Would she rather have the check, so she can sit astride partner. In Woman on top so she can decide how far she will go and how deep the penis will encounter in the anus.
6. After the first time anal sex is extremely important to lie and cuddle! This reinforces the sense and it’s a sign of affection from both sides. For her, it can be very important to get some security right after this “dirty” sex play.

The more advanced can of course run started right away. And it can be quite uninhibited and wild. And certainly the case even for guys who want to be penetrated anally. If you turn on the (literally:-D), so it is interesting to see how many men there are who are deterred by what they take for granted that the partner should be on. A finger or a dildo in her ass will not do for a man, hetero, of course. But lucky for him, it’s not all girls who are eager to do it.

What else to think about then? Of course, the man or woman to clean the anus with an anal shower before. Some see this as a kind of foreplay and some become almost frightened by it. That’s a matter of taste! ;-) But I must say that this is not absolutely necessary because the stools are often much farther. But yes, in the rectum, there are bacteria and before you put the penis in the vagina again, you should wash it! And condoms protect not only the anus but also prevents penile infections.

The big question now is whether we think anal sex is “ok” so maybe we get rid of the erotic momentum. The more forbidden the more exciting! Then it’s with everything. What are your experiences with anal sex? Write to us!

International Women’s Day 2015

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 8 March so we devote ourselves now to the question: when is a woman a woman? :-D

Without us girls would be well, it pretty boring, right? Without the long hair, the feminine traits, the round breasts and all the rest la lemme-characteristic surely it would be difficult to talk about eroticism at all. Sure, the girl has a well and another obsession. Many are right vanity – make up much more than they should, check to see if your hair looks like it should, is constantly out shopping or counting calories so it is lovely to – even if they have a dream body. Even a woman’s behavior is different from the man. Everything, everything, discussed with the best her friend, everything will be analyzed in the slightest. The preceding the mind of a woman (one of the  mysteries for a man) is very different from what man thinks of.

But no matter how many small or large oddities woman has, no matter how often the woman talking about feelings and things that the man most of all would not like to hear, no matter how badly she had to park, no matter how often she says no fixed mean yes – or vice verce, regardless of how many pairs of shoes she bought again, no matter how much she babbles without actually saying anything, no matter how cold her feet, which he must warm, no matter how much nonsense she was talking after a glass of wine, no matter how much chaos that is in her purse, no matter how much dents car gets and no matter how much she swears and yells of having to constantly take care of the home and household itself – it is true that you men can not live without us! ;-)

But when a woman is a woman? When she was a hot summer day take on the smallest bikini, while the men sweating like crazy. When she has endless discussions without even doubt that the call will derail. When she completely without reason is jealous. When she pretends to be totally helpless so that the man can help henna, when she does not have a Y chromosome, when she awakens protective instincts. A woman is a woman when it talks about faking orgasms when she has multitasking features, when she whines over the folded toilet seat when she goes to the toilet with at least one girl in tow, as she sometimes requires the man to guess what has happened when she sees the romantic arguing the TV and starts to cry and when she, once a month, it becomes a completely different person! : Twisted:

To make a woman happy, after all, this is not so difficult! She wants the man to listen and talk to her about problems (yes, sometimes such problems as she herself created) and that he should take an interest in her opinions. Sometimes she likes romance and common goals and plans, a clear “YES” to bind and she wants to hear “I love you” now and then! The woman likes partner’s attention and she knows that she is number 1.

Well, as you can see, women are quite an interesting creature, sensitive, intuitive and erotic! And anyone who still does not want to believe it, then just googling “erotica” and click on “images” … You see – men, women, and a lot more women! :-D

Women, let’s celebrate International Women’s Day – we’ve earned it!

Hand job variants part. 2 – two handed

Symbolfoto - handjobsex del 2The two handed technology could get the guy to believe that his best friend” is too large to arrange a hand job with just one hand - and that’s a sexy compliment for him! ;-) Here are a couple two handed techniques slowly or quickly will give him an orgasm. You decide if he should lie, sit or stand - and you will probably soon see what your baby likes best! ;-)

Keep your hands with a small distance next to the penis. Take the penis with one hand and swing” on the other hand, catch up again and swing back etc … This sex method makes him think penis feels big and heavy.

Light a fire
As of scouts! The palms are placed to the right and left of the penis, and then turn the penis and rub lightly with your hands. The penis can also be moved easily back and forth and palms can also slide up and down to give him a proper stimulation.

If a hand job gets a little too wild so he can get hurt. So it is good to stick a hand at penis shaft end and hold firmly with the other hand and move up and down.

The endless tunnel
This technique can feel like an infinite penetration. The lightly closed fists lets you glide down over the penis. When a fist came down to the end of the shaft so is the other fist ready at the glans. In this way the penis glans massage is not interrupted. Start slowly and then faster - if desired, the pressure can be increased.

milk bull
This is about the same sex variation as I just mentioned, but this is the direction of another - it is massaged from the stem end to the glans. Once a hand has reached the glans so are your other hand at the end of the shaft to start again.

Grab the penis with both hands over each other and then turned his hands apart and then back again. Stir hands a bit up and down and do not interrupt the rhythm. This kind of intimate massage stimulates incredible and will make him mad! :-)

And finally a Ambidextrous sex method who also call a hand job-quickie because he soon will explode with desire.
The washing machine
Grip the handle with both hands and cross your fingers with each other. Stir hands up and down and then make you an easy ‘twist’ from left to right. This rhythm is perfect for giving him a powerful orgasm!

At all hand job variants will you be sure to use proper lubricant so that the beautiful penis massage is perfect. Have fun! ;-)

Hand job variations part. 1 – One handed

One of the most comfortable way to engage intensively with his “best friend” is hand job and it’s good to be a little different variants. Today we present you some different hand job sex variations that will get him to go crazy. We start with a couple variations that can be made one handed. A little tip before we start: Use plenty of lube so it will be much more comfortable! : D These techniques are described when the man is but you can also indulge him while he was standing or sitting.

One-finger hand job
Stir your finger in a circular motion over his glans, then slide under the prepuce or foreskin play with the band.

Take the glans between thumb and forefinger and stimulate the glans and shaft of the penis, I can describe it as if you open a screw cap and then closes it again. If you also moving his fingers up and down then the ecstasy is not far away.

This technique is perfect to begin with. Squeeze on the glans with your fingers and gently turn back and forth, as if you would like to open a very slippery door handles.

The plate
Press with a flat hand his penis shaft against his stomach. Since slides you again and again with the flat hand over the penis and press lightly (if it should look especially sexy out so take both hands and do the actions with the entire upper body.)

Shape the thumb and forefinger so that it becomes an OK sign” and put the ring over the glans. Stir fingers up and down (with a little pressure!) And after a while you can make a slight twisting motion.

Fakie-hand job
No, Fakie has nothing to do with pretending, but it does backwards. Hand formed into fist and turn your hand so that your thumb pointing down and move the penis up and down.
This hand posture feels even more realistic because the fist narrowest point comes first and that one can regulate penile massage lightly.

Pull the lever
A combination of a classical hand job thumbs up and a Fakie hand job. This means that you will vary between letting his fist to have the thumb upwards and downwards and slip over the penis.

In hand job variants Part 2 we will present the Two handed penis massage techniques.

Orgasm problems: masturbation is a must for Girls

Symbolfoto - orgasmproblem: onani är ett måste för tjejerI think it’s very sad to read online about how many girls have orgasm problems. Although not all girls dare admit it, so it is obvious that there are very many who suffer from it.
Some come only when they masturbate, others will very rarely during sex because they can not really relax or that they simply can not tell what they like and then there are those who never have an orgasm. But it still seems to be a lot of girls who do not speak openly about the problem because they are afraid that the partner will think they are “abnormal”.

However, I can reassure all of you girls have such thoughts: you are totally normal! But I certainly do not think this is acceptable and this is now a few tips on how you might solve the problem. For if all the girls fake an orgasm, to seem good in bed, how should we ever be able to change anything? Rule number one is: talk openly and honestly with your partner, without hurting him.

The second and often very underrated point is masturbation: many girls (up to 30%) never masturbate because they do not know how to go about it, or because they feel guilty of it. Do they even have an orgasm problems during intercourse so inhibited sexuality and frustration grows. But girls, were honest now, how will you explain to your partner how you want it if you do not know it themselves? A & O then, is to practice, practice, practice! :-D

Stand in front of the mirror or snuggle under the covers, use your hand or maybe a sex toy: take you plenty of time to explore the erogenous zones. My tip: those who think that nature vibrator penis shape is “too much”, you can try another little inclination sensor. You really do not have any inhibitions -  make you happy, harmonious, and is also good for health. ;-)

Know your partner is not what you like, so try to talk to him as openly as possible. You really do not need to be afraid of making a fool of you, most men want nothing more than to make the partner happy.

If you do not dare to take this up with a partner, so you can take the soft, indirect way: for his hand where you want to be concerned and let him now caress you. When he makes the proper motions so show that you like it and that he should continue. Then you can tell him that you thought about what he did. In this way, he certainly motivated to strive even more next time. ;-) And girls: there’s no shame if you only come when you darling petting or lick you. Only half of all girls can regularly get a vaginal orgasm.

Often one thinks far too many unnecessary thoughts during intercourse, these makes you distracted and you can not relax, often quite unconsciously: if there are problems zones darling not to see or if you think the guys would think that they female genitals are ugly: all these thoughts do not belong in bed! To put it bluntly: guys think about your genitals and there is nothing to tease them as much as they can see and touch everything - and that’s for sure! And when it comes trouble zones: guys actually looks are not everything we do, and they do it so disturbs them, they love us as we are - with all our feminine curves! :-D

So again a little summary:
The tips do not work directly. So put no pressure on you, but you take enough time. Moreover, it is almost a must for girls to masturbate, so they can find out what they like. You must talk openly with your partner and maybe even caress yourself during intercourse to achieve orgasm with darling.
Good luck and have it now so good! :-)

Sexy lingerie for guys?

Sexiga underkläder för killar - gilla eller dissa?Sexy lingerie for guys - like or diss?

When the girls present themselves in sexy lingerie, then pulled the boys’ imagination running properly. But on the contrary, what is it then? Do girls when men show up in sexy underwear etc? And really want men wearing more daring underwear?

We now seem to go away from fine cotton and more and more guys starting to wear a bit rarer underwear. And then backs not even return for materials such as lace. And that’s ok! Just like a pink shirt, even a pair of pants lace emphasize the masculinity of the person who wears them. Eye catching is what happens when man dares to wear underwear with transparent inserts - they show the naked skin.

Or do you like when it’s classic and simple? Therefore, I have the following question to you: What do you think of sexy lingerie for men, for example. with lace, transparent or translucent underwear?……

Does girls have a penis envy?

It comes from Sigmund Freud - the concept penis envy! According to Freud experiencing a woman penis envy over the stage in her psycho sexual development when she discovers that she’s missing a limb: a penis. Of his theses so this is the most famous, but also one of his most controversial theses.

Well, I’ve thought about it a little
Since I can remember is that - the penis. As a child thinks, well maybe not too much on it. But as you get older, you will notice that the penis more and more. For example, when you sat in the paddling pool with a neighbor boy. The mothers sat a few feet away and thought we were soooo cute when we splashed around and began to make plans for the future for the two of us.
But I was then incredibly jealous because I had a clitoris and the boy a penis? I was disappointed that I did not also had such a thing between my legs? Well, I actually do not mind it but can not imagine it! Something, however, I remember is that I was standing with his pants down in front of a wall and wanted to mark my territory with a high arch but it did not at all! : -o
At that time my today‘s most eye-catching genital, breast, yet hidden. My genitals, vagina & co. I had not the faintest idea how these would be used - unlike today! ;-) Yes, of course we asked ourselves what this would be good for why boys have a penis, and we do this? But we were then envious of the guys? We felt so much more inferior, that we had to suffer from penis envy whole life? Oh, girls and boys differ. But no: girls, now you have everything got everything for a bit! But still there was a time when I envied my brother. He was younger than me and had to do more stuff. Much more. He was out with his friends, he needed first to get home early in the morning. My time was limited to midnight and not a second longer! And why? Since I did not have a penis, without a vagina. How many of you had that? And what happened? Well, it was well that you do not always told the truth. Lie researcher Peter Stiegnitz made the year 2000 a study and what came up was that women make their own lives easier through lies and men do things possible through lies. Although now some of you are thinking of the woman‘s lie, the fake orgasm“, so I ask myself: who is it now is to blame ?! The penis ?! Fixed by the way, guys do it too: how best guys faking an orgasm. Hmm, we let it be so, and we can say that in this way the loop is closed.
But we have not yet sorted out the problems with jealousy. There are certainly people who do not feel comfortable in their own skin and with their own genitals, but this is a more sensitive and much more complex issue than the pure jealousy on the penis.
Have I ever compared the length of my clitoris with others? Non! Have any of you ever seen a girl who lost in thought playing with her genitals? Non! But take now the guys at the gas station, in the pub or where it now stands some people, they can see how they are absorbed in thoughts take the shortest route from his trouser pocket to “the best friend” and how they are sooo excited by what they found. With us girls would not work at all, trouser pocket must then sit some more downhill. As always with us girls, we are more profound in all that we do. Whose fault is it? ;-)
What really interests us girls, is how guys think it is to penetrate us. We know just how it feels to take Emor you! What is it? What sends penis signals to the brain? Mmmmhhh, this feels good, quite openly here, everything slides. Or is it what the heck? The main thing is to get in? This, I would like to know, but not for me for decades has had a trauma because I do not have a penis. No, simply to know how it feels to penetrate to leave little trace. For it makes you, guys always leaves traces behind, more tracks than we girls. In extreme caseswe leave a wet trickle, nothing else! You leave much, much more! And it is true that women have a feeling that this is precisely what makes you happy and that makes you think that everyone wants such a “thing”. I only say: forget it!

Are we jealous of your penis? From me there an obvious NO! Except for one thing: you do not have these mile-long toilet lines! ;-)

Playboy gives orgasm tips for women

Symbolfoto - orgasmtips till kvinnanPlayboy magazine in its latest issue, giving readers ten tips to a female orgasm guarantee. This was of course I had to read

It is not just the male penis that can give a woman an orgasm. This is the writer Birgit Querengässers opinion and certainly she is right! When the clitoris massaged, then she ecstasy
- For example, in a mission status. She adds as a pillow under her ass so she gets more stimulation on her clit. Although Woman on top is recommended to get comfortable stimulation on the clitoris, then she can rub it against his pubic bone. At a doggy-style so he can stimulate her clit with his fingers while bumping rhythmically. These three sexual positions and techniques, however, was just the first tip.
- On site two, we have a sexual technique which is controlled via a smartphone app. Well, that’s ok, but to sit face to face with a bottle of wine is perhaps slightly better ?!
- We come to sex tips number three and now it’s about fingers again - that at the right time inserting her fingers in her ass will be an additional orgasm guarantee. However, you should have talked through this before! So do not get surprised. : -o
- Number four is foreplay before foreplay so that you get the right mood. For example, with a shared bath or heating can see on an erotic movie for couples
- Are you good with your tongue and you’ll see where it leads … this is sex tips number five.
- Number six may first sound a bit dull - to 15 minutes to caress the clitoris but something else fumbling. But I say that it is something that you really should try it!
- The next tip is probably not for me - the girl must stay back! Just before orgasm to be the man to stop encouraging her to increase her horniness. In this way it will be easier to have an orgasm and it will also become more intense. Well, what do you say? One can perhaps try, but it’s not something you need! ;-)
- Place Number eight: one should give her a second chance. Of course, what else? But immediately after an orgasm then you should not touch the girl’s direct loss of points, you can they’d rather devote themselves to the other erogenous zones such. As nipples, neck and inner thighs. Then she is still on the six-mood and it will surely be a second round
- Tip nine is a tip that I think is very good. It’s about he looks at when she masturbates and then take her hard and solid.
- Playboys tenth and final tip is the combination of the finger, tongue and stimulation … It’s Womanizern”!

Six-New Year’s resolutions for 2014

Sex-nyårslöften för 2014The year is coming to an end - it’s the perfect time of day for an erotic flashback. The German infidelity site First Affair has conducted a survey among its members and it shows three erotic trends in 2013 - these are now real or rather fantasies we do not know but we have taken a look at the survey results and has developed three six New Year’s resolutions that might sounds simple, but has a large effect and that will make 2014 an incredibly erotic and sexy year.

Six-New Year’s resolutions for 2014

At the top of the wish list is apparently a threesome - guys dream about two sex bombs in bed and girls dream of becoming spoiled by two hot guys together. And why not - to be at the center is always flattering, and it‘s a triple desire. ;-) Our first New Year’s resolution reads thus: Daring to something new. Here you will find a little erotic love tips for couples.

2013 has obviously been a year we like to have played 81% of the surveyed girls and 70% of respondents guys said they love to use sex toys in bed. In addition to the “normal” sex toys as it has now for this trend developed special sex toys for couples. For example: “G-Spoon“, “Intimate Spreader Vibrating” or “We-Vibes”. The relationship becomes more stable and you get a new kick in the bedroom. Our second six-New Year’s resolution reads thus: Try some sex toys for couples.

Site members on First Affair dream most about living out the secret, erotic fantasies - and that’s pretty normal on a cheating site. For it is that so many couples do not talk enough with each other, neither of trouble or when dealing with sexual desires or fantasies. And the intense conversations that are so important to strengthen the relationship and to get a good life together. Our third six-New Year’s resolution is: Tell us about and live out your fantasies.

This list is just the beginning for 2014, and one can write where both the one and the other. But one thing is certain: When it comes to erotic New Year’s resolutions, then it should of course be no problem to keep them;-)

We wish you a Happy and erotic new year!

Autumn is the best time for sex!

As sexy can be autumn
It was not long ago we sat on the beach and licked the ice cream and now you are going to dig up the thick cover jackets out of the closet.

Summer is well basically out and out it just gets colder and colder. Autumn-depression? Not then! Even if the temperatures drops, it’s still hot in the imagination and in the bedrooms. Fall is actually the best time for sex!

This good news, we can thank the German and American scientists. They came up to the fact that sex hormones reaches peak values ​​in autumn. The high testosterone levels in men mourn for more desire for sex and makes the men have a longer endurance. In the girls produced more estrogen in the fall, thus increasing women’s sexual desires. This is the one (s) explosive mixture that can make autumn the best time of the year!

Now you do thus not provide because of the days just get shorter and shorter, but look forward to the nights are getting longer! ;-)

Now it is the best season to pep up your sex life so there really carefully and try something new. Surprise your partner with one or two or three of our hot products. Perfect to celebrate the good news! :-D